Since meeting the lovely Ms. Shaker, I have had another opportunity to hang with her. For Social Media week (last week- oops) NearSay hosted a small get together with some of the medias Hottest sites for networking.


Sarah gave me the deets and i had to do was show up at the event “its Lunchtime, Now what?” and thanks to the wonders of MTA i still managed to be late.



And I arrived to a packed house.

It occurred to me that i was stepping into this event blindly. I had no idea who was going to be there other than Sarah. And I was thankful i packed business cards… but also kinda freaked out that i didnt know any one. I couldnt snag a seat so i stood on the side lines being awkward and taking photos.


But I recognized some people! Woo Hoo for Yelpers!


and Facebook pages!


and look! Food!

DSC00368 DSC00369

This was my view. . . all while i kept trying to talk to Sarah… but she was working so i decided to take out my phone and take some notes.

Notes. on my phone. (See Also: How to Tell you’re addicted to your phone)

DSC00370 DSC00371

So, some highlights in no particular order:

-We (Social Medialites), will most likely go to a restaurant AFTER we have read the reviews on the place

-Places like intelligently finds places similar to those you check into often

– Yelp is like the facebook of review sites. Users can message each other and become friends with people that have similar interests.

-Use of hashtags and tags allows people to find your content and can ultimately bring you new friends or connections.

– Finding a voice in Social Media. The most popular voices are often the sassy ones… (note to self: Be more Sassy)

At then end of the event, i got to hang with sarah and score some swag. Of course, i kept checking my watch because i promised to meet a new friend for drinks. I hugged and kissed sarah and a few new friends goodbye and met a really sweet new boy… but we met up at a bar for a drink and while there was food at the Lunchtime event, there wasnt really anything substantial in my tummy to soak up the alcohol.

I ended up at Iggys in the Lower East Side where I was the ONLY female (excluding the barmaid) in a bar full of contractors…. with my new boy. Every time I got up to use the ladies room, i felt like filet mignon, EYES all over me and grunts. GROSS.

Two Long Islands later, i needed to get sober. STAT. I was headed to a coffee shop to send out an SOS when the Dude asked if i was still in the city. I was in desperate need of food so I met up with him for a bite.

I seriously thought we were going to go to Otto because he is addicted to the place… but the wait was BANANAS! So Bananas that even He didnt want to wait… so we kept on truckin and ended up at Stand 4 for burgers.


Burgers. The perfect thing for a Diva with too much alcohol in her system. . .


And because I couldnt let the Dude drink alone, i ordered a beer too. Victory Pilsner. Might have been the fact that i was already slightly intoxicated… but this was indeed a tasty beverage. The waiter (the most adorable man ever) kept trying to sell me a milk shake…. and even after saying i was lactose intolerant claimed they were worth it… if i only lived closer to manhattan LOL it MIGHT have been worth it. But i still declined.


Dude and I split an order or fries.


My memory is still a bit fogged… i ordered a burger. Beef. with Bacon and Swiss. And an egg. and a few fried pickles for good measure.


It seriously looks like Dude is hoarding his burger… but rest assured, we went half-sies. Best part about having a great foodie friend- Food Sharing. DSC00380

He ordered the turkey burger Which, i am sad to say was better than mine but i am glad i got try it!

The burgers worked their sobering magic and I felt normal again (or the closest thing to Normal that I can be) and we hit the pavement and ended up at yet another delicious place… but more on that later…

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