So after my ginormous burger with Dude, still feeling glutinous we decided to grab some dessert. When it dining out with friends, i usually let them pick the places we go to… unless they insist that i choose. But I trust the Dude so whenever he has an idea i usually just go with it… So far, i have yet to be disappointed.

He said Chikalicious. I was gonna say I was tired. But I seriously could not say no. Quite a few people have told me about the charming little dessert heaven and I felt my rep was on the line as a foodie since so many people seemed shocked that i haven’t been there.

until now.

Im proud to say I lost my Chikalicious V Card and even got to meet the adorable Chika.

We walked to Chikalicious. It was busy but typical for a Friday night. We walk through the door and Chika looks up from the bar and waves at Dude… i shit you not… then Chika’s husband walks up to us and says “HEY, [DUDE]!”

(yes, im jealous. The only people that know my name are the starbucks baristas…if you count them calling me by my drink name….”Hey Grande Nonfat Misto!”)

20 short minutes and we were seated at the counter and watching Chika do her dessert magic. You have to see Dude and Chika – nauseating. and Cute. All smiles and whatnot.


Knowing my obsession with coffee dude suggested i get some french pressed coffee. Strong. Fresh. Piping Hot Coffee. And HOLY Cuteness! Mental Note: Need pink china. Stat.

After perusing the menu we decided on the 3 course dessert complete with Amuse, Dessert, and Petits fours.


So as Im sitting there falling madly in love with my coffee, Chika puts this lovely bowl in front of me. If my memory serves me correctly it was a vanilla ice cream with some sweet risotto. I def heard risotto. And i hate myself for not remembering.

I sent an S.O.S. to Dude because he was the sober one…

“Dude, do you remember the exact names of the desserts from Chikalicious?”

“ohhhh… yea… uhhh…”

Suffice to say his brain was just as blank as mine. Thank goodness for photos, right?


Dude had kiwis floating in a lavender broth with a creme fraiche allele and some stuff on top…. i really had myself going there like i knew what I was saying right?

This was light and refreshing. I am surprised too because lavender is usually too perfumy for me- but this was done beautifully. (duh)


I had a parfait of sorts. A sweet cream in between a light and airy shortbread cookie and pineapple gazpacho. delightfully sweet yet not overly sweet. There were two ladies sitting beside us who were hanging onto our every bite asking us (a little too excited I might add) about how good our desserts were… And i encouraged them to get the same thing we got so they’d let us eat in peace they could experience their own foodgasm and not be weird.


And then our dessert came to an end with the petits fours. A pillowy soft marshmallow with sweet flakes of toasted coconut, a crumbly and buttery short bread cookie (i think), and a rich and chocolately truffle.


I will definitely be back.

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