I’m pretty open to stuff. In fact, some say that I’m outgoing. I wont lie, sometimes I am… but more times than not, i am just saying Yes to life. And sometimes thats difficult.

Fear of the unknown.

But thank goodness for friends. And plus ones.

And facebook.

So, when Courtney sent me the Anti Valentines Day Vampire Ball Invite… I said yes right away. One, because i love vampires and i can use my fangs again! and TWO, cuz i love Courtney.


On the day of the party, I didnt really prep the way i should have. I thought I was dressed enough with just my fangs… then courtney showed up and i thought “Yeah, Im not dressed enough”


She was Goth chic. and the eye mask was really working. We hit the city for Santos Party House.

The line was FULL of Vamp enthusiasts and Goths, and glams, and all the emo kids you went to High School with. I felt very ordinary standing on that line.

And very frozen as it was FRIGID outside. I distracted myself from the freezing weather by admiring all the people dressed up around me. When we FINALLY made it inside, i took in the stale bar smell in the air.

And then took in the shithole that this place was. Grimy. Dingy. Caca.

I decided to check my coat and hit the ladies room. The restroom was wide open. The stalls had swinging doors without any latches. There was a bathroom monitor attendant there to tell me which stalls were free. I cautiously entered a stall and hoped no one would push those double swinging doors for they would smack me in the head as I attempted to use the restroom without touching a single thing in that vile toilet and cause me to lose my balance and *gasp* touch the toilet with my butt. When i emerged from the stall (safely) I pumped a hearty amount of soap into my hands and held them under the sensor.

And nothing came out.

So I went to the next sink. And still. Nothing. Not a drop.

The bathroom attendant comes over to me with a red cup full of ice cold water and says with a thick accent that the pipes are broken so theres no water. She poured water into my hands to take off the soap… I wondered where that water came from since the pipes didnt work.

Then i wondered how many people were going to skip washing their hands since there was no water.

And then the attendant showed me the tip jar. And I told her it was nice. Then i went upstairs to scope out the party.


Courtney was ready.

DSC00409 DSC00410

The music was…Different…

I am usually pretty good with music and what not but these people didnt look like they were fans of Brittney Spears… or Bruno Mars.

The music was heavy. And loud. And everyone seemed to know the lyrics even though it sounded more like groaning to me. I did not recognize anyones dance moves… and im pretty sure they didnt really know what they were doing on the dance floor. Lots of bouncing. And hand gestures.

I was absolutely in awe of this. I felt like I was hanging out with the emo kids from high school. The kids that people didnt really understand. The kids that wore leather corsets and dog collars.

DSC00419 DSC00421

…that also drank fake blood and danced in pleather underwear.

DSC00422 DSC00423

Courtney and I danced together as best as we could while i scoped out the crowd.

DSC00424 DSC00425

Amazed by their costumes and how they knew the lyrics to these songs i have never heard in my life.

You may think im being ignorant but I was truly in awe of this event. Its just amazing to discover something different and how passionate people are about it.


When Court and I had enough dancing, we started taking pics with random people.

DSC00427 DSC00428

And our feets were hurting like whoa.


I fell in loves with these boys who rocked 4 inch platform heels.

After the vamp party, court and I spit out our fangs and hit the Q Boro for some diner grub.


Patty gave me lots of VDay love…


And Mickey wanted to share this emo photo. Oh, my emo puppy.

Were you in a clique in high school? Were you the emo kid? The jock? The Nerd? (i was the dork)

Have you ever been to a party like the endless nights party?