My constant need to state my opinion on things has finally paid off. About three weeks ago, I was contacted by Yelp asking me if i wanted to be a member of their Elite Squad.

um…. hell yes?

People ask me what exactly does being Elite mean. I don’t exactly know, to be quite honest, i just know that it makes me extremely awesome. In all seriousness, Yelpers are regular ol’ people who chime in on the site about their thoughts on a place-whether its a restaurant, a theme park, a venue, or service. And the people that use Yelp seriously and act as true voices for their community are nominated to be Elite. And in a way being Elite is just a little reassurance that you aren’t blowing smoke up anyone’s chimney…

so here i am!


The Queens ambassador of Yelp (AKA the party planner) sent out an email with deets on an event taking place at the Food Cellar & Co Market in Long Island City Queens. DSC00490

Patty saw my SOS for accompaniment to the event and came with an empty stomach. “Livin’ La Vida Local” promised to be a foodies paradise with 20 different food and beverages vendors at the event there doling out whatever we could take. Vendors like Boar’s Head, Milano, Hale and Hearty, Kombucha Brooklyn, Six Point, Ommegang, Finchi, Vasso, The Chocolate Swirl, Adirondack Creamery, Maple Hill Creamery, Taste of Nirvana Coconut, Fresh Ginger Ale, NY Ravioli, Ronnybrook Farms, Harvest Song, Grown-up Soda, Van Leauwen Ice Cream, Sara Snacker, Eldorado Coffee, Sauces ‘n Love, Siigi’s Yogurt and Laura & Co. Snacks!

Are you excited??


Cuz I am! Food Cellar was open for business and customers who stoppd by for a gallon of milk were delightfully surprised by the free food frenzy.


I signed in! My first Yelp Elite event! yays! As i attempted to make a lap with Patty I immediately stopped in front of something lovely:


Handmade chocolate delights. I took a nibble at the double decker brownie. Chocolate chip bar and a brownie all squished together to make one delicious treat. But this was just the beginning and what you are about to see is just what i remembered to photograph…


Hale and hearty set up a kiosk and was doling out several soups and chilis…


and gave out some HEARTY samples. If i knew there was a million more things to taste…i would have skipped the chili.


The bread counter was a free for all with croissants, bagels, danishes, donuts, muffins, chocolate mousse cups, canolis, brownies, and cream puffs. You walked right up to the counter and BOOM you got whatever you asked for.


Boars head counter had sammiches. I mean, with an opportunity like this, you kinda skip the regular stuff and go for the gold…


The carving station at Food Cellar was doling out any and everything from their area. Pulled pork sliders, beef sliders, mac and cheese, mushroom trivoli, risotto truffles, salmon kebabs, t bone steaks, and so much more. The line for this area was always full but the staff at Food Cellar were so quick. They’d walk up to you “What would you like?” Tell them what you like and BOOM there it is. Eat it and on to the next.


Healthy stuff! wheat berries, zucchini pancakes, veggie burgers, vegan lo mein. Lovely food… and then i was onto the next.


STEVE! from GUS! it was so nice catching up with him. It just so happens that i posted my GUS review the day i went to this event so he was happy to hear that i was such a fan 🙂 And really, how can you not love a company that is run by amazingly personable people?


moving right along. Brick oven pizza. There were so many different kinds being brought out and it was flying off the board quickly! Seafood pizza, pesto pizza, pizza margherite, and roasted veggie pizza…. holy moly.


There were MASSES of people just walking and eating. Chewing and walking. Oh and an infamous lady with a baby who kept slapping peoples arms if they were close to her baby…. and she wasnt even invited LMAO. Everyone knew who that lady was. The way i see it, if you got slapped by the lady with the baby you were blessed.

im very blessed.


So. Many. People.


The other talk of the night was the cured meat section brought my Milano. everyone was going apeshit for the dried meats.

I was trying to get in on a few beer flights. I didnt manage to take pics of the beer kiosks because i was too busy chugging my sample of beer and asking for more. . . it was good beer. And i might have gotten a teensy bit tipsy… cuz i started talking LOUD and Laughing at everything.


Look how quick the chefs are making shit happen at the carving station! woot!


Patty and I finally got to the sushi area and there was sushi there! yes! The crowd was really going for the sushi so at some point i had to wait for the sushi chef to put out something- ANYTHING… so i could see what all the fuss was about.DSC00483



Hmmm…. interesting. But delicious.


Me and Patty-dukes.


Something like tofu skin with shrimp, caviar, spicy mayo on sushi rice….


the thing was massive. I really wanted to try it and i told patty i was going in for the bite….


There’s really no nice way to eat this. You just gotta Do it. Im still hot tho…at least i think so anyway.

And i was full since the beginning of this event but at this point i was on the verge of needing Thanksgiving pants… it only took an hour and 30 minutes to feel like i was on the brink of exploding (cuz there was beer, ice cream, yogurt and coffee being thrown in my face in addition to the stuff i had already tasted). I had come to this event with a stack of business cards hoping to make friends…but everyone (myself included) was too busy stuffing their face to give a crap about networking.


But the bar was set extremely high for my very first Yelp Elite event. I look forward to going back to actually TALK to fellow yelpers and make friends 🙂 but i dont mind that we were all in the same room stuffing our pretty little faces.