At times, when i prepare dinner, Mickey likes to watch me in action. (Mickey is my dog)

She sits right outside the kitchen and uses her psychic ability to make things fall onto the floor. Once its on the floor, its hers.

While mulitasking i managed to drop a head broccoli onto the floor. Like an entire freakin head of broccoli.


I have never seen Mickey Run so fast. For Broccoli.


She likes to hide when she steals food from the floor… and i like to be sneaky.


Yep, she ate the whole freaking thing.


I decided since Mickey ate the broccoli I was going to use broccolini.

Before I did anything though, I decided to slow roast some grape tomatoes that were about to go bad.


I Preheated the oven to 300*. Lined a cookie sheet with foil and lightly sprayed it with olive oil. I placed the entire contents of a package of grape tomatoes on the sheet along with a head of garlic and a sprinkling of salt.

I slowly roasted the tomatoes for about 3 hrs.


The garlicky, wrinkly tomatoey results.


I took out some thick boneless pork chops and opted to stuff them. So i cooked up some frozen chopped spinach. Let it drain completely, let it cool completely and then mixed it with some laughing cow cheese and parmesan cheese. DSC00247

I fought every urge to eat this spinach out of the pot and used the cheesy greens to fill the pockets i made in the pork chops. DSC00248

I baked the pork chops at 350* for 40 – 45 minutes or until 160*.


The spinach was an awesome addition to the pork chops!


And i cooked up some baby broccoli in the steamer 🙂

The tomatoes were by far my favorite! Who knew something so tiny could be packed with so much flavor?