Can you believe i wrote this post last week and forgot to post it!?!?! ::slaps head::

When I found out Restaurant Week was extended, I sought some of my hungriest friends. Its so important to take advantage of Restaurant Week. Its a great way to support your local restaurants and also a great way to venture out and try something new.

When I found a group of girlies to dine with, we synced our schedules and managed to score a reservation on the very last day of Restaurant Week.

That just means it was meant to be.

We all Agreed on Sant Ambroues for Italian… but it felt more like Italian- French Fusion in my opinion. (but my opinion doesnt hold much weight)


After work, we headed out to the city. We, being Pas and Pizz. They have real names… but for story telling sake i gave them nicknames.

It being the start of the weekend, we ordered some much needed cocktails.

We be thirsty!


I ordered a dainty and deceptively sweet (and potent) French Martini. It was perfection.


Pizz ordered a lychee martini.


Pas ordered something that reminded her of being laid out by the pool. Refreshing and delicious. She had the right idea with all this cold weather going on (Spring, where are you?)


For our starter, Pizz and I ordered the carpaccio with some greens on top. I thought it was tasty but it didnt wow me. I think this could have been executed better… delicious none the less.


Pas had the persimmon salad which was very tasty… i should have ordered this but i am still working out my issues with citrus and savory together in one dish.


For our entree, Pizz ordered the eggplant ravioli which was wonderfully prepared. the filling was a garlicky eggplant paste with al dente pasta. So. good.


I had the bone marrow on top of a creamy cheesey risotto. This was my first time having bone marrow and I loved it. The risotto was incredible and flavorful. I was stuffed towards the end of this dish and i still found myself scraping the bowl for every last bit of deliciousness.


Pas had the dorado with roasted potatoes. The Fish was seasoned nicely and flaked deliciously. She let me take a bite and i thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a great serving too!


After round two of martinis (it was the start of the weekend!) it was time to order dessert. Pizz ordered a rich and gorgeous chocolate mousse.


I ordered the creamy tiramisu that rocked my socks off. It was gorgeously presented and surprisingly light tasting considering its made with marscapone. I definitely enjoyed.


Pas had the hazelnut ice cream along with a scoop of the dark chocolate gelato…it was like a bowl of nutella. The hazelnut gelato was probably the best I have ever had with a great amount of flavor!

We stroked our full bellies and walked in the cold around the village until i found my train. I will miss restaurant week but am grateful to have dined in two yummy places!!

I could use an espresso right now…

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