When i was in Middle School, I landed the role of Rizzo in Grease. I rocked it out! And for the rest of my teens I was obsessed with acting.

And now you can take in the fact that I wanted to be an actress growing up.

I was so sold on the concept of being a famous actress that I “hired” my Godfather to be my agent. And every chance he gets he will reach out to me “Monique, dear, this is your agent calling…” and we have a good laugh.

Im not famous [yet] but whatever I do, my Godfather will be sure its done right and i have proper representation.


My Godfather, AKA uncle Ralph, just turned 60 and invited the family out to Cinzano’s for some grub and dancing…

Now, you know my family and I can throw down in the kitchen. And we can definitely do some damage at the dining table.

But did you know we can cut a rug?



So, for those that don’t know, I’m 27 (wince). I do not live with my parents. So when the party day came, the parentals picked me up and we were on our way. We haven’t been to this part of Connecticut so mom packed the GPS. She claims the GPS has been acting up…

But I can say with complete confidence that the GPS is fine. Its my parents’ brains that are acting up.

GPS: “Turn Right”

Mom(to my dad): “No don’t turn here!”

Me: “Dad, you were supposed to make a right when the GPS lady said so”

GPS: “Recalculating..”

Mom (to me): “See how its recalculating? It doesn’t know where its going!”

SIGH. We eventually got the hang of it. And by “we” I mean “they”. I don’t have a license and there i was in the backseat shouting directions… like a back seat driver.

Oh yeah, I don’t have a license. Don’t worry, its on my list of things to do before i die: Get Drivers License.


When we got to the party, guess where i went?

I said Hi to the Birthday Uncle, put my jacket and clutch down and made a bee line for the bar. Ah Wine. Its the cure for the 2 hr drive with your parents who are arguing with the GPS.


I said my hellos to everyone after a few healthy glugs of wine. Then I whipped out the camera for some shots of the party and food.

And there were Food Snob Supporters there! WOO HOO!


It was really difficult taking photos of food, holding wine, and trying to feed myself all at once. I decided to put my drink down for the sake of photographs.

The things i do for you!


Not long after my first glass of wine did we toast the birthday man. Here are my God parents (also my aunt and uncle- but the G-parents sound much more important, no?)

Lookin good guys!

Once we raised our glasses (successfully without spillage) it was time to break bread…


and I broke right into it.

The most exciting thing was when we chose our table at the restaurant i was almost certain i was sitting at “the kids table” like i do every thanksgiving… but i was actually at a regular table with a bunch of old people (just kidding guys!) other adults.


Mom served me some salad. Can i get some lettuce with them olives mom? And did you save any for the GPS lady who you owe an apology to?


The food which was served buffet style (penne a la vodka, penne marinara, chicken francese, roasted potatoes, roast beef and garlicky greens) was fresh and delectable. Had I not been so full i probably would have taken a better photo. The pasta was cooked perfectly and held up nicely in the heated platter- i was not expecting it be that good. The chicken was tender and juicy and not overly lemony which is just the way i like it. Everything else was great but the pasta and chicken were my faves.

After i ate i immediately did what i normally do once the DJ starts playin them hits…


I shook my booty.


And so did my uncle!


Me and my cousin Kristen. We are like 2 months apart- love her to death. This is right before the dancefloor nearly swallowed my heel in one of its evil cracks! 😦


Me and my dear ol’ Dad.


I couldn’t hear what he was saying but i imagine it was something like :“You gotta sign this girl! I’m her agent!”

Word, you gotta sign me.

For what?



errybody dancin!


And laughing!


and posin!


This is me and my cousin Ralph(jr). We have a few photos like this. We just look ridiculously cute when our faces are this close and we are smiling from ear to ear.

Cuteness = Genetic = proof in photo above.


The DJ slowed it up a bit to let the old folks couples dance…DSC00568

…and then i caught a really adorable moment.

Yo Dad, Look at how you KNOW you got it like that the way mom is kissing you! Loves it!


Ah, me and the uncle again.


And i got a really awesome set of blurry shots of my parents tearing up the dance floor.

Call 911…


Theres some fire burning on the dance floor! and Mushiness. ewwww. Awwww


And towards the end of the night we were served some cake and ice cream… (is it a hispanic thing to have cake and ice cream? ) I had some AMAZING coffee with my dessert and i am still dreaming of it today. Is it weird to drive (ask my dad to drive) two hours away to Cinzano’s for a cup of coffee?


What if i go and order a POT of coffee?

Ah, well. We tore up that dance floor and played some awesome party games. I love when the family gets together this way. It made me feel so full of happiness and joy and even hopeful to have this same kind of gathering when i get married some day.

Happy Birthday Uncle Ralph. As soon as this blog makes me famous, you can use this post as your bio on how you got to be so famous by making me famous.