Every year, this same time of year, a sort of tradition has arose. My good friend Carol comes to NY for business and we eat our way through the city.

The first time we did this was four years ago. We met up in her hotel and spent way too much time at the bar… There are no photos from this meet up because the blog didn’t exist yet.

In 2009, a large group of us trooped out to Queens for some Spanish food and hit the city for cupcakes, beer, Korean food and Peanut butter… sounds complicated- you can read up on it here. Please note: my hair was really short.

In 2010, a slightly smaller group got together and had a weekend full of adventures. You can read parts 1 and 2, if you are curious. Part One. Part Two. And sometimes Carol comes to visit just for fun 🙂

This year, our group significantly smaller, withered down to three, came so suddenly that we were barely prepared for it! With working late and nasty weather- i was only able to see Carol ONE day out of the entire week she was in NY.

Oh, the hurt.

When Carol landed in NY, I was on my way to work thinking how nice it would be for us to have dinner at Otto. And just then, i received a text.

“Wanna do Otto tonight?”

And so we did.

We arrived hungry. And ready for dinner.


We ordered the cheese platter and let the chef pick the cheeses. With the cheeses came a trio of delicousness. Truffle Honey. Cherries. Apricots.


The chef wasn’t shy when he plated these cheeses. There was a range of sheeps milk, goats milk, cows milk, sharp, creamy, funky, etc etc… we were in cheesey heaven. We lapped up the truffle honey using our cheese and bread as spoons and were sad to see the truffle honey gone… but we made excellent use of our goodies.


We then ordered some sides. Three kinds of olives. Roasted peppers and capers in olive oil. Roasted beets. Roasted Eggplants.


Out of everything, i was completely in love with the eggplant and peppers. And believe it or not, this was my first time having fresh beets. It was love at first bite.

And because while we were ordering, i had NO concept of how much food we had already ordered, i requested the fresh homemade pasta:


Goat cheese angolotti. Delicious little pillows of pasta with a creamy goat cheese filling lightly tossed in fennel butter and black pepper. We split this 3 ways. It was a lovely tasting portion.


Followed by a slice of the potato anchovy pizza. This might be the one thing at Otto that I did not Love. It was okay. But the potatoes were a little on the thick side, they were slacking on the ricotta and it was a bit on the too fishy side… granted its anchovies and they are very fishy by nature but i was expecting more of a salty flavor than a fishy odor.

We packed a lot of leftovers into a container for me to take home…

and then we ordered Affogato for dessert. Creamy gelato topped with a freshly pulled espresso shot.


Its now Monday, and Carol is already back in Cali. I miss her terribly and I desperately need to get my arse to the other side of the country!