I came home from work yesterday and was literally a non stop maniac.

I got home. Changed into my workout clothes (yay for daylight savings time). Took Mickey to the park. (ran into Mari). Did day 3, week 2 of C25K. Started 3 loads of laundry. Made a peanut butter pie for work(recipe coming soon!). Put the peanut butter pie for work away (see also: hide from cheese eater). Made a loaf of caraway soda bread (recipe coming soon!). Forgot about laundry. Ran down to get it. AND THEN started dinner.

Dont ask what time that happened.

It is pitiful how I do nothing for DAYS and then ONE day decided to DO EVERYTHING. But everything had to be done today. (dont you hate when you’re down to that last pair of Good socks?)


Luckily, I predicted that i would be needed something oniony and peppery so i pre chopped some pepper and onion….


And added ground turkey.

some beans.

Some herbs and spices.

and some tomato sauce.


and before I know it, had some chili.

It took about 30 minutes from start to finish. And it simmered while I folded my laundry and did some heavy duty dishes. (making pie and bread gets messy)


When all was said and done, i sat on my butt to give my tired feet a rest and indulged in a hearty bowl of chili.

And i sighed.

Because spring is near and chili season is quite possibly ending…(other chili recipes if you are hungry: Veggie Chili and slow cooker chili)

its bittersweet.

(like the chocolate peanut butter pie chilling in my fridge right now)

How were you superwoman today? And if you’re not busy, would you rub my feet?