Its that time of year again.

Karen’s Birthday.

Its become sort of an unspoken tradition at work for me to make something for someone on their birthday. It started with a cake for someone and then my inability to say NO along with a filled calendar year of birthdays and requests.

It gives me great joy to make people happy on their birthdays.

Karen and I recently enjoyed a delectable and sinful creation at the bakery a few weeks ago and she loved it so much that i decided to recreate it for her.


Peanut Butter Pie. (Adapted from

While shopping at walmart, and staring at the jars of chocolate syrup i found a recipe on the back of a jar of smuckers for this very treat. I made some modifications and am very happy with the results.


Pie Filling: 1 cup creamy peanut butter, 1/2 cup sugar, 8 0z cream cheese, 2 cups of whipped cream

Pie crust: 10 graham crackers (crushed), 2 tablespoons melted butter

Optional Garnish: 2 peanut butter cups, 1/4 cup whipped cream, chocolate shavingsDSC00628

I could have used cool whip but decided to make my own whipped cream. I beat 1.5 cups of heavy whipping cream and 2 Tablespoons of vanilla in my mixer on high until it formed stiff peaks. (about 2 minutes).


In a separate bowl, cream together cream cheese, peanut butter and sugar. Mix for about 3 minutes on medium or until the peanut butter is fully incorporated with the sugar and cream cheese.


Lightly fold in the whipped cream with the peanut butter.


And its gonna be really difficult to not get a spoon and just go to town on this… be warned.

Preheat the oven to 350*.

Melt the butter and stir it into the graham cracker crumbs.


Press the crumbs into a pie pan and make sure to evenly cover the surface. Bake uncovered for 5-8 minutes.


Pour the peanut butter batter into the pan. At this point you can leave the pie as is and refrigerate….

or if you’re me and cant leave anything as it is, start decorating it.


With some extra whipped cream, i filled my pastry bag and began to pipe little rosettes onto the pie.


I didnt know I was going for this design at the time, it kinda just happened…


And it still needed something…so i chopped up some peanut butter cups…


and got a little ridic.


But aint it pretty??

I gently covered with foil and refrigerated overnight.


Karen cut into the pie and it set perfectly. Took a bite. And slipped into a creamy peanut buttery bliss.

It was a big hit.

I would def make this again…I believe this freezes really well!

Happy Birthday Karen!