When I made that huge and delicious peanut butter pie I bought a large jar of some cheap peanut butter. But i only needed half of the cheap stuff. Not to say its not delicious, because I do love me some peanut butter, but I didnt want the jar to sit in my cabinet and taunt me.

As I put the extra peanut butter in the back of my mind, i spent some quality time with big sis while she came to NY for a visit. Hanging with her, i was reminded of her friend’s Peanut Butter Balls AKA Buckeyes. From there, i thought about Smitten’s Recipe for Buckeyes…And after a quick glance in my kitchen, discovered i had a great recipe to use up all the peanut butter and had everything needed to make my own buckeyes… or so i thought.


I followed Smittens Recipe in exact measurements..EXCEPT for one major component. The chocolate. Smitten asked for 6 oz of chocolate. I only had 4 oz of chocolate. This, as it turns out, is not enough. Please note my sarcasm. Also, please note my stupidity for not obtaining more chocolate.


I began to follow the recipe by creaming crushed graham crackers, with butter, cream cheese, peanut butter and powdered sugar.


When it was all mixed up, i rolled the mixture into balls (about a tablespoon and a half) and set them on some wax paper. I let them chill out in the fridge while i melted my pitiful amount of chocolate.


It was at this point, as I stood by the stove melting chocolate that i severely underestimated the amount of chocolate I had. . . I tried to get it to loosen up. And my wondering led me to over heat it and burn it…


But it didnt stop me from trying to dip the balls into the chocolate.


It was disastrous! I considered dumping the whole lot… but i couldn’t bring myself to do it. I dont like wasting stuff! So i poured the hot melted chocolate (whatever was left of it anyway) into a pastry bag –


and did my best to pipe pretty chocolate swirls on the peanut butter balls. But at this point, the chocolate was a little clumpy and clogged the bag several times. This is the result of desperation.

I put them in the fridge and hoped cheese eater would eat them… but he didn’t. So i packed them and doled them out to coworkers and family… mostly people who wouldn’t judge my presentation. lol.

The good news is that the “buckeyes” were a hit! And if i may say so myself- were the same consistency of a reese’s peanut butter cup.

I will have to make these again… but with more chocolate.