hey guys. today is my fathers birthday. when i sat down to write this post, this letter poured out of me. Sometimes, i have nothing to say but today everything i say is for dad. i’m just a mush. back to our scheduled posts next week. have a happy weekend.



Dear Dad,

Today on your birthday, I have decided to take a moment to write you this letter and share it with the world.

I love you, Dad. From the time, I was born you held me in your arms and 27 years later have yet to let me go. I am blessed to have a father like you. A father who kissed the “boo-boo’s” when I scraped my knee, who came to my rescue when I was in trouble, and most importantly came running with the chancleta whenever I screamed at the sight of a roach.

When I was 8, I made my first batch of pancakes. They were still raw when I put them on your plate. You sat there, ate the raw pancakes and said they were delicious. We both know how they REALLY tasted. But no matter what I made, you came ready to taste it and always sang my praises for effort. And my effort paid off years later when you had your knee replacement surgery and couldn’t walk. I made the best pancakes of my life. I think I even saw you shed a tear when you ate them- tears of joy I’m sure (Hooray for COOKED pancakes!)

For my Sweet 16, you and mom threw me a party and you escorted me down a candlelight aisle while guests “oohed and “ahed”. We danced to “16 candles” and we both stared at each other- crying. What saps! I remember the video when the camera man asked you how you felt, your eyes welled up with tears (again) and said “I don’t know how I will ever be able to walk you down the aisle when you get married”. I don’t know how either.

When I was 24, I graduated from college (por fin). We had a huge party! It was so awesome. And at the party I told you and mom that I found a place to live. I know if it could be any other way, you would keep me “at home” for the rest of my life. But I had to move on. Even though it broke your heart, you still helped me move. You endured the entire day of lifting boxes and assembling furniture and waited till you got home to hug my mom and cry. It’s okay dad, I cried too.

But we got used to it. We made a way. What started as a random lunch 3 years ago has turned into a tradition. We have lunch every week and I visit whenever I can, lugging my latest project from the kitchen. You are still my most eager taster!

Thank you for being a man I can depend on. Thank you for dropping everything that time I got locked out of my apartment and driving to my house at 1am with the extra set of keys.

Thank you for being the epitome of strength and never being too manly to shed a tear. Even as I write this letter, holding back my own tears…I am just a very lucky girl.

There is no man on this earth that can take your place. You mean the world to me Dad. I love you dearly and pray for many many more happy and healthy birthdays for you!

Love Always,