“Free Ties”

That’s an email I was greeted with yesterday morning when I got to work. One of my coworkers had an insane amount of new(ish) ties and was cleaning house. I jokingly donned a navy blue tie (cuz it had baby flowers on it) and thought “whoa, This actually looks kinda hot”- Not to mention that i pulled off a sexy feminine Windsor Knot…


Im like an Office Super Hero…. Only Awesomer.


Super Hero and Sidekick?

It started as a joke. Then Ariel came along and I put a tie on her. We took photos with our ties and sent them to the guy who was surrendering his ties.

“Wow, you girls really pulled that off! It matches nicely”

I am the proud owner of a tie that I intend to rock- LIKE A BOSS.

Speaking of Super Heroes, I got to be one for a minute…IMAG0041

But before I get into my Super meal and Super Hero name, I discovered a site called Tenka.com. Its a deals site (i know, big surprise, right?) but this site offers FREE deals. Its a site designed to encourage people to support their local vendors. So naturally, i signed up.

I kept putting deals in my “pocket” but i didn’t quite understand how it all worked. That is, until recently. Anyone can pocket a deal but only a select few can redeem the deal. Recently, a slew of Food Trucks posted some freebies. One that rung a bell was the Frites n’ Meats truck. It was the only truck that was near my office and was a truck that I needed to reconcile with…The last time I ordered from this truck, my experience was… how should i say this… Shitty. Yes, my experience was shitty. But the truck was just starting out and I was way eager. Tenka was offering a free burger at Frites n Meats… I pocketed the deal and thanks to the ways of Twitter, stalked the truck and redeemed the 189th deal out of 200! *whew* that was close.


I made my way to the truck after work since they were in Tribeca. On the site, they said they were on Hudson… but when i got there I couldnt find the truck. I quickly logged on to twitter and found that they were actually a few blocks over… Oh, the many wonders of twitter.


There were a few other people redeeming the last of the tenka deals (mostly college kids) but my deal was good for one angus burger and I was responsible for the rest.

You pick a menu card, circle your choices, pick your super hero name and place your order.

My superhero name?

Are you ready for it?

Are you sure?

Its a good one…


Isnt it awesome?

My choice: Brioche, angus burger, onion jam, applewood smoked bacon, gruyere cheese and mixed greens. My total as $2.50… DUDE! Tenka rocks My socks off!

I prepared myself in the dining area of a Whole Foods. The smell of this burger was intoxicating. Smoky. Bacony. Yummy.


The burger itself was cooked perfectly this time around. The first time it was cold in the center and completely raw- but this time, i indulged in bite after perfect bite. It had the perfect char to it that reminded me of summer bbqs when i was younger. Even the smell brought back some memories!


The bread was soft and buttery. It pulled apart beautifully and had a slight spring to it… fluffy. Every element i requested was there. It was delightful! I sat in that whole foods and with my greasy fingers, took pics with my camera phone of the deliciousnes you see above. I warned in my last review of Frites N Meats that if they improved, I would eat my words.

Hi, I am eating my words.

They have made some great changes! I am very pleased and would love to stop by again soon! Perhaps in the summer!


When i got home, i took some pics of a very adorable pup. (shes gonna be 5 in April!) Mickey is sad that I didnt share my free burger.