My friend Bunz and I were having a night on the town. We needed drinks. So we hit up a watering hole and guzzled till we giggled. While we were walking about the city, i spotted the Chelsea Hotel… and from my daily readings, i remembered there was a sweet spot right next store to the hotel: The Doughnut Plant.

My last visit to the Doughnut Plant, I didn’t get to try all of the things I wanted to, but with Bunz by my side I dragged her (0k, she went willingly) to Doughnut Plant for some serious taste testing. My goal was to try the cake doughnuts because I had already tried the yeast doughnuts.

The store wasnt very crowded but it was cutely decorated! There were 2 people ahead of me….and several empty racks where doughnuts should have been. When it was finally my turn the guy behind the counter told me there was a limited amount of dougnuts left 3 strawberry and 1 each of the carrot cake, chocolate valrhona, and salted peanut. There was a gentleman behind me in line. He looked nervous. But surely, with a little over an hour before closing, they will have more doughnuts, right?

“Okay, Can i have one of each?”

He rings me up and I pay. The guy behind me goes to order and the cashier says “Im sorry sir, we only have 2 strawberry frosted and then we are sold out for the day”


I felt terrible and offered the guy one of the doughnuts i so greedily purchased for the sake of educating you guys… oh who am i kidding… i so greedily purchased to stuff into my and Bunz’s face. The guy declined but was thankful.


I brought our very special doughnuts to the table and with a knife split those babies in half.

Now, the carrot cake doughnut is not shown. Its because after the first bite, we ferociously tore it apart while fighting back tears of sheer ecstasy. The carrot cake doughnut is filled with chunks of plump sweet raisins and shreds of carrots… plus a cream cheese frosting in the center. Each bite was pure heaven and we kept askin each other “how the hell did the get the cream in THERE?” (TWSS – seewhatididthere?)


Moving right along, we tried the strawberry frosted. Which, if i can be honest was not a favorite in this group. The frosting was delicious and we sure did lick it off of our fingers but the texture was kind of gummy and chewy. My guess is that this guy was sitting out for a while. It wasnt like the glazed doughnut that i made love to with my mouth the last time.


We chugged some coffee to get that strawberry taste out of our mouth and moved on to the salted peanut. Peanut butter Junkies better run because this was one tasty doughnut. My favorite thing about cake doughnuts is the texture. Bite after bite was textural paradise.


We closed up shop with the valrhona chocolate. I mean, what can i say about this delectable thing that you havent already heard. For one, its not your standard chocolate doughnut. Its not overly sweet which is something I look for in a dessert – because i can only handle a bite of the ultra sweet stuff… and i didnt come here for just one BITE. Choosing to have this doughnut after the peanut one made for a tasty mouth party at the end.

Not counting the strawberry frosted, Bunz and i LOVED these doughnuts. I still haven’t gotten here early enough for the ones i really want… but i guess i have to get up early one day. Or get a job here.