Ahh, brunch. I love brunch. I have said it many many times. Whats not to love about breakfast AND lunch items to choose from in the middle of the day?!?! Steak and eggs. Pancakes. Bacon. MIMOSA.

love love love.

One of my favorite brunchers (because there are quite a few) is Megan. When Megan and I need a day, we meet up for brunch… and we make sure there are mimosas and good prices.

Megan, being a Brooklynite suggested we hit a brooklyn spot. And since she always comes to Queens, i happily endured a train ride to brooklyn.

The destination: Scottadito in Park Slope. $18.95 brunch with unlimited mimosa. YES PLEASE.


It was relatively empty considering it was 1pm on a Saturday. We were seated in a bright and sunny atrium in the back of the restaurant. Megan knows how much i love natural sunlight for my photos. The dining area was Drenched in sunlight. DSC00721

The waitor immediately brought over some mimosas which were nearly guzzled… but not before i snapped a photo.


Also to start, some soft and doughy bread with a roasted red pepper sauce. Yes, we asked for a 2nd basket. So good.


Megan ordered the French Toast with nutella, carmelized bananas and powdered sugar. (this dish is totally something Dude would cream himself over… )DSC00728

I scored a sweet action shot too! Pour that syrup Megan. You go girl. DSC00725

And because Megan and I ALWAYS order side dishes, we got some homefries…DSC00727

Some curly, crunchy bacon (megan broke her No Pork Rule- chigga chigga),DSC00729

and grilled sausage… Hoggy Heaven. Plus. More MIMOSAS. The waiter came by Often and refilled my glass with a wink each time. The more i drank, the more annoying that became.


I ordered the eggs benedict or ouevos benedetto. Two slices of english muffin with proscuitto, poached eggs and a pesto hollandaise sauce. It also came with a mixed green salad and homefries.


I was really big on action shots that day… I really enjoyed this. Megan and I fed our faces and drank Mimosas in true brunchy fashion.

I would come back… but perhaps it was a bad time, or i am really cranky, but the noise level was SO LOUD in this restaurant it was difficult to hear what Megan was saying and she was sitting right in front of me. The screeching from other tables was unnerving. But I tried to block it out by drinking more. It definitely helped…

Then towards the end of our brunch, a couple sat next to us and they were so close that we felt like we were on their awkward 2nd date with them…. had i been there a little longer, i would have written a story time post just about their date. And for the record, the girl was awesome- the guy needed dating advise- stat.

Happy Friday bebes.

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