A little known fact: I am on OK Cupid.

I have been single for a good while now and I definitely want to find that special someone to spend my life with. But for some reason, i cant seem to make it passed date 3. Sure, the guys I go out with are nice, but then the little things- the deal breakers- begin to add up. And then the realization that these nice guys aren’t for me hits me like a ton of bricks and the cycle starts all over again.

In my last relationship, i settled out of fear of being alone. I have come a long way since then. But coming out of the relationship stronger than when i went in, I have learned a great deal about myself and my list of deal breakers. I seem to find the same kind of guys and I’m feeling a little burnt out on the dating scene and will be deleting my online dating profile.

And now that I have depressed you all with my pathetic dating life; a peek into my most recent date. Having taken him to the Shake Shack a few weeks ago, he wanted to show me he know a good burger himself. And me being a foodie, i like being introduced to new things.

We met up near central park and proceeded to walk towards the west side. We ended up at Le Parker Meridean. I was a little confused. But in some obscure corner was nothing but a neon burger on the wall. We followed the sign and stepped into a burger speakeasy if you will: Burger Joint.


The line, i was told, was short at about 10 people deep. The space was fun and kitschy with old movie posters, witty signs and graffiti everywhere. After surveying the menu, i decided to go for the cheeseburger, medium rare, with the works. While waiting in line, i spotted a group of tourists getting up to leave and i looked at my date and said “IM GOING FOR IT!” and Boom. We had a booth! Go us! After 15 grueling minutes (i was hungover and so hungry) our burgers came to our table.


For those that love a good summertime barbecue, these burgers do not disappoint. A juicy interior with a nice charred surface made for the ultimate backyard bbq feeling. The addition of the fresh tomato, onions, and iceberg lettuce made for a nice texture along with the soft bun and juicy burger. There was also a nice glob of mayo and ketchup. Cant go wrong there!


To wash it down, I opted for a rootbeer. I love an ice cold root beer from the fountain… probably the only fountain soda i love.


I also got an order of fries that came in a brown paper bag. the paper bag was a nice touch as the hot fries got to sort of drip their excess oils onto the bag leaving the crisp potatoey goodness intact. It was a wonderful lunch.

While I might have royally messed up my chances with this guy, i am grateful that he introduced me this place. And even though this is one tasty burger, it cant take the place of my first burger love: the Shake Shack.

Burger Joint at Le Parker Meridien on Urbanspoon