Happy Friday Bebes! I have some really awesome news! Well, awesome for Droid Users… but Food Snob is now an APP! Yes, you read that correctly. The kind people at Notice Software have created a functional and adorable Food Snob app for the Android (iPhone will eventually come) that will keep you updated on my tweets (God Help you) and my latest posts (hope you’re not always hungry!) So you can feast your eyes on this Masamman Curry with sliced pork: Which was SINFUL… right on your phone! How insane is THAT??

Or catch a bite from my latest Burger find. Which reminds me, RIP Frites n’ Meats truck! (their truck recently exploded on the road – All workers are safe and not critically injured) 😦

And, of course, More Mickey Lovin’!

I hope you all have a smashing weekend and if you get a chance to check out the app, please do- after all- its FREE!

Later Bloggies!!!

Oh, and for you cool Droid peeps: Scan this code to open in Marketplace

No worries iPhoners, I will announce when the iPhone app is ready!

Come back next week for a snacktastic giveaway! YUM.