Over the weekend, I attended a happy hour with some thirsty yelpers. What was supposed to be just 2 drinks, turned into 2 drinks and a butt load of shots. I wobbled my silly self to the train (12 blocks) in my not so comfy heels (like, seriously, what was i thinking???) and made it home in time to have a slice of pizza and pass out.

My worst habit is checking my phone whenever i stir in my slumber. I pick up the phone and check my email, messages, and notifications. I usually put the phone back and go back to sleep… more times than not, i dont remember i did this.

The following morning from the thirsty happy hour, i woke up at 7am. splitting headache. semi nauseous. and completely miserable. I am clearly getting too old for this hangover business. In my habit of checking my phone, i saw my brother managed to get himself into a pickle and posted it on facebook. Feeling responsible for the child (hes 22) since my parents were away, i got up, showered, and set forth on a very interesting journey.

Without checking the train schedules, i automatically assumed that the trains i had wanted to take to rescue my brother in brooklyn were on wonky schedules so i concocted a plan to take several trains to brooklyn… spoiler alert: i really wish i would have checked the train schedule.

I ended up having to be re-routed in Long Island City. So i exited the train station and on my way to a completely different station, my eyes caught the site of a restaurant i have been wanting to visit since forever.

Sage General.

A small 7 table restaurant with straight up comfort food.

I was hungover. I was hungry. I was right in front of Sage General.

I sent my baby bro a text telling him i was going to be late.


Upon first entering this adorable spot, you are SMACKED in the face by the amazing aroma of SMOKED BACON.

I heard angels singing.


I made my way to the counter. Eyed the menu and decided on the BLT. With potatoes. and a side of bacon mac and cheese. And an iced coffee.

I over order when im hungry.

What should have taken 10 minutes took 30. The woman at the restaurant apologized profusely and refilled my iced coffee for free. I really didnt mind. the smell of bacoh was sobering. And the decor was amazing. I also learned while i was there that my good friend Guy Fieri had been there with Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. awesome.

My food was ready and they packed it up and sent me packing.

It was fate. Because from Sage general, i got to my brother in 10 minutes!


The BLT held up to the travel. The bread was toasty. The bread was also HUGE!


I wasted NO time in digging in. And bacon lovers, you must know the bacon on this sandwich was unlike any i have ever tasted! SO SMOKY and FLAVORFUL! I drool a little thinking about the flavor of that awesome bacon! The mayo, tomato and lettuce were perfect in the sandwich.

Feeling incredibly full, i moved on to the mac and cheese.


Sad to say, i didnt LOVE this. It was definitely tasty but texturally, the cheese sauce was gritty and i am not a huge fan of that. They arent shy with the bacon. Its bacony and comforting. IMAG0120

Little brother definitely enjoyed this dish. I actually have never seen him eat something so fast!

I told baby bro how thankful i was that he was a lame brain and locked himself out because had it not been for the fact that he was up shit creek, i probably would have never made it to sage general. And while i was explaining this to him, he interuptd me and said “dude, your train was running! You went through all of that for nothing!” and he laughed…

but really, i guess i should thank the yelpers for making me so hungover i didnt check the train schedule which never would have brought me to Sage General…So thanks baby bro AND alcoholic yelpers!

I would definitely go back! Especially for the bacon. But i hear their rotisserie chicken is a-mazing!

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