My friend Alyssa called me a few weeks ago and asked me if i had ever been to MacBar. The answer was NO but that I had been wanting to try it out for a while. I didn’t get to go when she was checking it out but she was so kind to bring me back a menu when she returned. I placed the menu on my desk where it stared at me for weeks. I kept saying “tomorrow” and when “tomorrow” came, i still wasnt ready.

Yesterday, Karen came to my desk to talk shop (aka, my recent horror story of a date) and saw the MacBar menu. She gasped. Snatched it off my desk. Stood up in front of me point her finger. “How long has this been here and why havent you invited me?”

I assured her not that long (lies) and told her i was waiting for the moment to hit me.

“honey, the moment is NOW. I need this (points to Mac Lobsta) in my belly now!”

So, we gathered up a few more hungry peeps and walked to MacBar in SoHo.


Its cute and cozy inside. Claustrophics beware… there are like 4 tables in here the size of quarters (okay, im exaggerating- Half Dollars) and a tiny counter to order and one to pick up. I placed my order for the medium Mac Lobsta… because they were conveniently sold out of SMALL. Waited about 10 minutes and received a huge macaroni container.


Kitschy. But Cute. No wonder my mac and cheese costed me $15.


I walked back to work with my mac attack and took in the aroma. Elbow macaroni with chunks of lobster in cognac, tarragon, fontina and marscapone cheese. Hello richness.


The mac looked enormous. And the large soy cafe au lait i purchased at Dean and DeLuca had filled me up quite a bit so i had a feeling i was going to have leftovers. Everyone at work kept stopping by my desk to say “Oh My, that looks incredible”. and I shoved large forkfulls into my mouth and nodded in agreement with them. I felt that if spoke, they would take it as an invite to speak more… but i needed to be alone with my mac crack.


If you look closely you will see there CHUNKS of lobster in the forkfull and you know what? There were chunks of lobster in every single bite.


This was a rich lunch. I savored it throughout the afternoon fearing that if i put half of it away to reheat later, i would destroy the integrity of the lobster.

I definitely enjoyed my lobster mac and cheeese but when it comes to comfort, i think i prefer S’Mac over Mac Bar. The level of richness at MacBar is through the roof and should be saved for those special moments where you want to indulge on your mac. To me, this is a slightly more fancy take on comfort food. But it was a little greasy. And I dont think id be able to finish an entire order.

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