Before It gets old (if it hasn’t already) I am going to briefly share my Easter with you.

But first. Two things.

1. Happy Administrative Professionals Day. I was greeted this moring with an extra shot of espresso in my iced coffee from my awesome baristas and two very large cupcakes from my coworkers.

2. Starting at 5pm Baskin Robbins will be doling out scoops of ice cream for .31 cents each! You can get up to 3 scoops. (that be a whole lotta dairy!)


Over the weekend I was home. IN bed. Sick with a gross sinus infection. Thanks pollen! I was supposed to be planning a killer Easter Feast with mom… but instead i was torturing Mickey with photos and sunglasses.


I think in this one shes like “Okay, Enough already!” Fair enough Mickey. Fair enough.


I also managed to shatter my precious Droid that was only a month old… actually that happened a little earlier in the week. But I wanted to let you know that it is possible to cry over a phone… especially one that cost over $100 to replace.

On Sunday Morning, my parents picked me up. I had a masive sinus headache and a stuffy nose. But I went with high Easter Spirits. Plus, it was gorgeous out- good incentive to feel good!


mom put me to work and asked me to make some asparagus wrapped in bacon. I took some thick smoky bacon and wrapped it around asparagus spears. Baked at 400 for 20 minutes…


It was tasty.

Then mom told me she bought some turkey pieces and wanted to know if i was up to deep frying it.


And of course I was down. We dusted the turkey with flour, garlic, pepper, salt, and paprika and deep fried.


Mom knew ahead of time she wanted mac and cheese so we had deep fried turkey, bacon asparagus, and mac and cheese. Hardly a traditional easter feast.


But does that look one tiny bit wrong??

I think not.