Happy Belated Mothers Day to all my Mommy Readers, Mommies to Fur babies and anyone else I have missed!

Over the weekend I was scheduled to visit the Hester Street Festival and remember to wish my parents a happy 28th Anniversary…but got a text from my friend Phil. He scored some tickets to the Pub Crawl and invited me. 1, because I make an awesome drunk (at least I think so…) 2, because i said the next time i hung out i was gonna bring cookies, and 3, because the last thing i wrote about him made him all mushy inside- so he invite me to the pub crawl.


Of course i accepted… i can never turn down an invite. Especially with cool people. Patty purchased a ticket and came with me to what turned out to be one of the funnest days of the year (so far).

First stop. The Village Pourhouse. We met at 1pm and i started the day with a huge greasy burger.


And 2 margaritas. We were seated in a lounge-esque area. And when my burger came, i immediately regretted not getting finger food. My burger was SO BIG and GREASY. I then became the ass of all jokes when i asked for a knife and fork. to eat a burger. On the plus side, i didnt get any burger juice on me! (score!)

After two $3 margaritas I was already feeling a little buzzed which is scary when facing at least 13 more bars with pub crawl deals…


At 2:30, we hit the 2nd bar.


Armed with the red cups, maps, and wrist bands we were on our merry way!


Finnerty’s was a quite bar with a lot of personality. I learned they host keg parties! And they import beer! from GERMANY! Good to know right?


Patty shows her wristband pride!


Im already feeling pretty tipsy… this cant be good.

Our bartender at Finnerty’s was showing some love for the group of loud Yelpers and she made us a special shot:


APPLE PIE SHOT: Goldschlager, Apple Pucker and Bourbon.

That is one ALCOHOLIC shot! and def tasted of apple pie!


I followed it with a corona. $3. !


While i was sitting there drinking my beer, i was nominated to drink Leaf’s (a fellow yelper/light weight) beer. So, feeling a little tipsy i shouted “Who chose me to drink Leaf’s Backwash?” And everyone kinda stopped. Stared. and then a roar of laughter erupted.

For every other bar we drew straws as to who would drink Leaf’s backwash.

We are a classy bunch.


Before we left I spotted the most wonderful thing.

a Jaager machine! Keeps shots COLD. I need one STAT! (the machine, not the shot)


We hit the pavement for Shades of green.


More $3 Coronas.


And now, photos! Me and Mel. We werent ready for this one…


For the 2nd one, she snuck a kiss. What a cute little stinker!


She got me and patty- drinking more!


And the rest of the bunch having a serious conversation about having something to eat…. we snacked a lot to keep the effects of the alcohol to a minimum.


it wasnt THAT effective.


it made the men very…lickey?


Here is Ron and Mel… these two were a riot together


Ron’s Asian Gangster Face.


Mel’s Mozzarella cheese fries.


We walked over, literally next door, to Revival.


Very chil bar! with an awesome backyard.


We opted to hang with the bartender who was really enjoying the cookies and brownies i baked.


In this photo, i look like im totally getting drunk. I have that stoned look.


But i think it works alittle…


Funny signs…


A THANK YOU shot from the bartender for the snacks…


OH GOD. it was Tequila.! Hello drunkenness.


Next stop was plug uglies DSC00973 where i played TERRIBLE pool… and made people take ridiculous photos.

DSC00971“No More alcohol! Please!”

DSC00966DSC00967DSC00969 DSC00972

We left Plug Uglies and hit Still Bar which was really really poppin! But i think that was because it was now a NORMAL drinking time! Around 5pm.


We finally got a group shot! Aint we a crazy bunch?


Correction. We are a badass bunch.

We left that spot and hit BarNone where the bouncer (who i also fed cookies too) was especially flirty. And I stupidly left without giving him my number (but im a mush who believes if its meant to be, i will see him again)

I suggested around 7 that we have some serious comfort: S’Mac. Everyone was in agreement…

DSC00984 DSC00983

Almost retarded with excitement as Ron and Mel switched shoes. SMH. get a room you two!


S’mac was packed as usual!

DSC00986 DSC00987

But with our eager personailities (and my gangster stares) we scored enough tables to seat our drunk asses.


Patty and I shared a Medium cheeseburger mac and cheese…. so incredible!

And do you know what Yelpers have in common with bloggers????

DSC00990 DSC00992

They take pics of their food!!!


I did good!


Wait… scratch that… I was a little silly and tipsy.

DSC00995 DSC00996

Then someone suggested dessert at 16 handles near by and I popped my 16 handles cherry.

Ultimately, it was yummy but i cant be given that many choices- i ended up tossing half of it away because i was sooo full.

Overall i had an AWESOME day!

A little tipsy at the end of the day… but i woke up on Mothers Day completely fired up for brunch at Otto with mom and grannie.

Who’s coming to the next pub crawl with me???