I’m Baaack!

Did you miss me?

I am back from my wonderful, albeit, short visit to California! I crammed a lot of wonderfulness into three LONG days! And concluded the trip with a 17 hour commute back to New York… which was a painful end to such a great weekend. But obvi, im not going to post all 250 photos into one post… there might be like 3 really long posts… but Im sure you wont mind.

I left New York and touched down into the Bay Area around Noon. My friend, and hostess, Carol picked me up and wasted no time in giving me the full California experience. Her goal was to get my feet into the Pacific Ocean…DSC01022



I rolled up my jeans (even though she told me to wear shorts) and put my New York toes into the gorgeous water.


The pier in Santa Cruz reminded me of a much nicer Coney Island! Everything on the pier was my choice but she had only one request: that we ride the 85 year old, roller coaster. The Giant Dipper is a lot like the Cyclone on Coney Island. Wooden. Old. And Iconic.

Im gonna put it out there… im a huge chicken.

But since I was in California, i was going to do as the Californians do… just go with it.


For all the smack I talked about being scared, the photo (which i didnt get) of me and Carol going down the big dip, was hysterical…. my arms high in the sky with a huge smile, Carol, two enthusiastic thumbs up. Yeah, I totally dont like roller coasters…. but that one was fun!

Back in the water, Carol kept telling me to watch where I was standing because the water was coming up and I didnt listen…


Thats what getting ice cold sandy water blasted up your thighs looks like. And my reaction couldnt be more candid! It makes me laugh every time I look at it!


Then we got all posey while i attempted to dry. I think the worst feeling ever is wet jeans… add some sand and you’ve got an awkward situation.

The water was REALLY cold.


We started making our way back to the pier because I was on NY time and I was hungry. After several aggressive men tried to get us to eat at their crappy restaurants, Carol and i settled for Stagnaro Brothers for half priced apps and drinks.


The half price deal was available if you sat in the upstairs lounge. It was sun drenched and overlooking the water. Sounds like an awesome deal to me.


We each ordered 2 margaritas on the rocks (salt that rim baby)


a fried seafood appetizer


And a bread bowl of soup.

Carol has an allergy to shrimp which meant that I could eat the fried prawns. What a sweet friend! There were also fried calamari and clam strips. There was a fantabulous remoulade for dipping that i might have gotten a bit too enamored with..and before you know it we were ordering a 2nd order of the fried ocean critters… but our eyes were too big for our stomachs.


We left with the goal of some old fashioned ice cream for dessert and spotted these too seagulls hanging out on the pier. My guess was they were on a date…


After a quick drive, we ended up in Santa Cruz at Marianne’s Ice Cream. An old fashioned ice cream joint that was covered from wall to wall with all of their ice cream flavors. Because having a lot of choices overwhelms me, I asked the scooper what her favorite was. Irish Coffee with Chocolate chips. I tried it. I loved it. I ordered it. Carol ordered the refreshing and tasty watermelon sorbet.

It was a great first day! The ride back to Carols house through the mountains made me extremely car sick… or was it the margaritas and ice cream???

No matter… We hit the hay early because the next day- we did Wine Country. I should say I did wine country. Carol just watched and showed moral support (she was also the DD).

See you tomorrow for Wine Country!