After getting wasted at Wine County, Carol and I hit the road for the next part of the trip. We stopped in Santa Rosa so we could rest and later on that evening have dinner at Lococo, a recommendation from one of the ladies we met at the Bubble Room.

Lococo, as one of the ladies on the bubble room so affectionately described was Italian food done right. Pasta and sauces made from scratch. A chef from Italy and a great and knowledgeable wait staff.


I arrived shortly after their dinner service started. We were greeted by very charming and well dressed men. When our waiter was giving us the run down of specials I told him to recommend something since I was an east coaster. Turns out my charming waiter was born and bred in the Boogie down Bronx. (insert Italian “aaeeyyy”) we made our selections with a few of “boogie down” recommendations.
The decor of this place is comfy. Homey. Adorned with the simplest of furniture, the walls have in addition to simple wall art, some antique pots and pans that I have seen in my nonna’s house.


To start, my friend and I ordered the appetizers on special. Burrata. Not having had many burratas in my life, I was very impressed with it. Fresh and so creamy it spread on my crusty bread with minimal effort. Dressed in pure olive oil and freshly chopped basil, the sprinkling of cracked sea salt on top made this dish simply put: food gasmic. Now, I’m a cheese lover since day one, but that was purely amazing. It made me want to learn how to make my own so I could accomplish this amazingness at home.

We followed our appetizers with two entrees which we shared. Lasagna bolognese and paparadelle with sauteed mushrooms and sausage crumbles.

The lasagna bolognese was hearty. Cheesy. Covered in a fantastic marinara. And its a special-so if its on the menu- get it! After one bite I confirmed the absolute presence of someone who KNEW what marinara should taste like. A burst of freshness from the fresh herbs he was not too shy to use, the crumbled meat that gave its flavor generously to the sauce. It was a hearty dish and one that reminded me of my grandmothers Sunday dinners. DSC01104
The paparadelle was al dente and had a pleasant bite to it. Combined with the aromatic sausages and sauteed mushrooms, the light sauce that was topped on the pasta was a light and delicious dish.
Carol and I had agreed to share but seeing how much she enjoyed the lasagna, I let her enjoy it. But that does not mean I loved my dish any less… with that heavy burrata in my system, the light paparadelle was the perfect dish.
Because everything was so amazing, we opted for dessert.
Carol ordered spumoni. I ordered tiramisu. Mr. Boogie down told us we have not had a real cannoli yet and highly recommended their fresh cannoli’s. DSC01107
“watch it bud…I’ve had some pretty tasty cannolis in my life… this is a very serious challenge you’ve presented me with”
So we ordered the cannoli too.

Cannoli shells, rolled, fried and set to cool are filled to order. The cannoli cream is lightly enhanced with the addition of fresh Orange zest that adds a burst of freshness. Upon placing the order, the cannoli shell is filled generously with cream, rolled in crushed pistachios and lightly dusted with sugar.
I took a bite.
Nearly cried.
I’ve always LIKED cannolis but I straight up LOVED this one. The cannoli was crunchy out the outside, creamy on the inside from start to finish and with the freshness of the cannoli kicking the Ass of every cannoli ive ever had, I don’t think I can ever enjoy another cannoli again.

My tiramisu was okay. Nothing to write home about.DSC01106

The spumoni was not my thing… but overall I would def go back to Lococo.

This must be where the guy in the Godfather got his Cannoli “Leave the gun, take the cannoli” I get it now, i totally get it. Dont leave that amazing cannoli behind!