I am reaching the tail end of the California recap.

Are you sad?

Are you relieved?

Its totally bittersweet for me. I missed home so much while i was gone… but now that im back and recapping i am totally missing Cali and dreaming of when i can go back. If not for the fun of it, then for the plate of creamy salty burrata at Lococo.

But after my amazing dinner at Lococo, Carol and I had a girls night in and woke up bright and early the following day for SAN FRAN.


Hello Golden Gate Bridge! It was about 50 degrees…i was wearing flip flops and capris= FREEZING.  We hit the Ferry Building armed with our appetites and cameras… this was surely going to go down in history as one of the most awesomest days in my life…


After a lap around the perimeter, Carol was RAVING about a porchetta sandwich from Roti Roli with a line wrapped around the corner. Racks and Racks of pork slow roast in an over, its juices dripping down on the the rack below it and then the pork gets sliced….


with cracklins and all, placed in some bread that was used to sop up the extra porky drippings, onion jam, and micro greens to create a mammoth of a sandwich.


This was how i started my day.


The bread was the perfect texture to hold up to the crazy sandwich. Tender juicy slices of pork with a random crispy crunch out of nowhere..bite after delicious bite… Salty pork, sweet onion jam, slightly bitter greens- amazing.

DSC01128 DSC01129

We walked a bit more after our prochetta sandwich and spotted an oyster stand. at $2 a pop, we just wanted a taste.


We each had an oyster. YUM!

DSC01131 DSC01132

I walked over to Namu because i saw Korean Tacos…i was definitely curious…


Kalbi. that was probably the only thing i was excited about. This was a bit difficult to eat and i didnt love the flavors. So, meh. Not a favorite.

DSC01133 DSC01134

Lucky right next to them was the 45o5 Meats stand. They make cracktastic chicharones that are so amazing The Dude still talks about them after visiting a month ago! crazy, right? I purchased quite a few bags of their chicharones and decided to split a ‘zilla dog with carol…


There is a ‘zilla dog under there! Kimchee, sausage, crackings…amazing. At this point, i was beyond full. I continued to walk around and look for presents for my family. One of the things i loved about being in California is that there is a huge market for vegan and gluten free things:

DSC01138 DSC01137

Vegan doughnuts! Pretty sweet. I tried the blood orange one that essentially tasted like a plain donut with frosting- but at least they tried.

DSC01139 DSC01140

I picked up some Salumi for the parents and then ran into this mecca for coffee lovers!

Blue Bottle Coffee Co!

DSC01141 DSC01142

I had to pick up some beans to make some coffee at home!

I seriously love the method they use to brew the coffees!


Coffee makes me happy.

such a great cup of coffee.


We wrapped up the trip to the ferry building after several hours with some sight seeing


Dude! do you SEE the STEEPness of the street?? I thought QUEENS was bad!!!

Stay tuned for the final recap where i discover Filipino Food!