Last week I round up two of my best gal pals, Patty and Danielle for the Tastes of Nolita. was featuring passes to the walking tour which retails for $38 for the nearly half price bargain of $18. That was a deal I seriously could not pass up! And what a great way to explore my favorite city with friends and have the opportunity to try new things??

The tour featured 6 restaurants all in the Nolita area (makes sense, right?) and a few bars in case we got thirsty. (surprisingly, the only bar we went to was to use the loo… and it was gross so we left) But We woke EARLY on a Saturday at 10 am and hit the city. I got a kick out of mapping out our tour (dork alert)! At each place, we handed them our ticket, they stamped it, and gave us the goods.

First stop: Saigon for Bahn Mi.


The ticket stated that we were entitled to a mini bahn mi (vietnamese sandwich with pickled veggies and pork, usually),


what we got was a giant HALF of a bahn mi. I love these babies. Patty and Danielle were experiencing Bahn mi’s for the first time- they both played it safe and got chicken. For me it was love- crusty bread, salty pork and pickled veggies- hello dream! For Danielle, thumbs up. Patty wasnt a huge fan but trying new foods is not her thing- so her being here was a big deal! Feeling a little full (uh oh) we hit the next stop: ASIA DOG.


NO IDEA this was here! This was a first for me as well. We walked into asia dog for 1/2 a hot dog. There was a choice between organic beef, chicken or Veggie. I chose Beef. Then you choose your topping… Lots of awesome toppings here!


Patty and Danielle are READY! (although i think Patty is a little frightened of all the new things to try!


I chose the Wangding which is a pork belly, scallion and cucumber topping…

DSC01224 DSC01226

Whoa. That was tasty! I was glad it was only for half a hot dog because i was feeling miiiighty full!


Danielle chose the mel and steve which was sesame slaw with scallions. She chose a chicken dog.


Definite love… Patty got a plain beef hot dog. Hopefully one day patty will try some pork belly! nummers!


Right across the street was L’Asso. Everyone who is everyone tells me this place is the bees knees. The minute i walked to the establishment i was shooed away as they shouted WINDOW! WINDOW! and then i thought about that song… “To the windoooow! To the WALL! Till the sweat dropped down these ba-“ nevermind.

Around the wall was the window with pizza lady. So we took our slices.


We sat down outside of L’Asso and sunk our teeth into ICE COLD pizza. I was not impressed. this kind of pizza can be awesome but once its COLD it loses that yummy factor. Hey L’asso, take your window and shove it into a microwave!


We strolled a little bit further and ended up at Eileen’s Cheesecake. Noting like a little dessert in the middle of our “brunch”.

DSC01233 DSC01234

At eileens we were entitled a any mini cheesecake! ANY! SO Patty and i opted for the marble and Danielle opted for the strawberry.

DSC01235 DSC01236

It was a two biter… for the hungry!


Im blessing my cheesecake with a kiss… then i eated it.

We smooched the air towards Eileens for the delightful sweet eats and stumbled upon the next stop almost by accident.




Unfortunately… this sucked. They provided some regular mac and cheese that was sitting in a heated tray for lord knows how long! it was dry. and over cooked. Thanks Mac Bar. This sucked. We took a breather for some water (and headache medicine for me) and walked a bit for the last stretch of the tour.


Tacombi. TACOS! YAY!

We were entitled to either a chicken/beef taco or a breakfast taco. It was a little confusing as there were two lines. One coming from the cute VW van and the other from a counter in the back. The line in the back was moving. So we went there…only to find out it was the breakfast taco line.


..eggs, chorizo, cheese and avocado on a warm white tortilla. SO GOOD! Of course at this point i was ready to POP from all the food!


Tacombi was actualy a really awesome spot. The decor reminded me so much of an actual restaurant in Mexico with its concrete floors and natural sunlight. The tables were metal folding tables with folding chairs. It was real cafeteria –esque. but i loved it!

Directly across the street from Tacombi was the final stop on the tour: Billys Bakery.


Billys is near and dear to me. This location is kind of new…. the service was HORRENDOUS. The staff were complaining about all the customers in the store…right in front of the customers then as artificial as Splenda would say “Have a great day sweetie”.

Thanks for the cupcake but id rather you be a bitch the entire time im here… being fake just makes me want to punch you even more.



We sat out in the sun for a while before Patty suggested we keep the momentum going… by doing a Sangria Happy Hour!! stay tuned and happy Memorial Day Weekend!