Hello! Happy Memorial Day! Just wanted to take a moment to express my greatest gratitude to all those that are currently serving our country! As i sit at home, relaxing on my day off, i think about those who never got a chance to come home. And a special moment to appreciate and remember those who los their lives fighting for this country.


When we last left off, i left you with a little teaser about what happened after tastes of nolita. At some point while we were trying to digest, Patty suggested we hit a local spot for a Sangria Happy Hour. I would have been over the moon… but with yelp events, happy hours and random ol hanging out…with massive amounts of alcohol, sangria didnt sound as wonderful. But it was hot, and muggy and i was with two of my favorite girls.


So, we hit La Paella. It was completely empty when we went. But it was a saturday afternoon and Sangria was buy one get one free. I definitely needed something cold and refreshing.

DSC01270 DSC01271

The decor is simple and old fashioned. The ceiling was adorned with rows of dried roses that reminded me of my late aunt, who would hang her flowers upside down and press them into books to preserve them. The art on the wall was simple. The entire place felt very cozy.


Danielle, AKA Bunz, was celebrating her collegiate commencement. So after debating on 3 glasses, the server suggested we get a half pitcher…


It was a lot bigger than we thought. But we went right in!


Already tired and still a little hungover, i imbibed with caution.

yet I still got a little giggly. The sangria wasnt overly strong but it was still refreshing.

DSC01278 DSC01280

So we drank.


And drank. 2 glasses in, I was really feeling like i have had my full. I made sure to get every last drop of the sangria when suddenly…

DSC01286  DSC01284  DSC01282

Another pitcher came by. Apparently Buy One get One Free means, WHATEVER YOU buy- you get another one free. Oh lord help me! Only person really happy about the extra booze was the graduation girl.


We made the best of it. We fed most of the sangria to Danielle and took pics to pass time.


The total for all our booze? Less than $30…. and there were about 12 glasses of sangria consumed.

DSC01295 DSC01299

Then we took silly pics inside a Chase bank. Cuz we’re silly. It wasnt until we calmed down that we decided to hit OTTO for dinner. You know, to soak up all the alcohol.


It was their first time at OTTO. I believe it was a hit…


no… now im thinking they hated it?

It was win win! yay! Great day with the girls.

The following day, i spent the entire day Hibernating.