Since my last event, I think i have made some friends with the RSVP Gods. This time around, I not only got right in to the event, but i scored a spot for two friends. Before I get into it, my plus 2’s stood me up- for emergencies which sucked but ::shrug:: what can you do?

I wasn’t going to let that ruin my night. It was a Tuesday. I had a new dress and I just washed my hair. Dude, I was going OUT!


Whoa. Two dresses in one month! I might be turning into a girl!


As soon as I got there, Yelp Paparazzi got me. I hung with Stacey and Phil, my Yelp “mom” and “dad” (they will kill me when they see that…) and then i posed with Leighann, the Community Manager of Yelp Queens. Wish i would have smiled better. Cuz i was posin with some awesome peeps.


One of my newest buds, Mike B. He plans some awesome events and usually on days I cant attend them. In this pic I was busting his ass about it. cavo 2

Then I danced and posed with Jasz who was very generous with the compliments. But really, the feelings are mutual. Yelp is definitely full of sexy people. DSC01309 DSC01310

The food was plentiful. Fried Calamari, chicken souvlaki, tzatiki sauce, and pita. YUM!  We sat to eat at Cavo’s Plush and elegant booths but didnt sit for long as we had drinking and schmooping to do.


The drinks for the night were Caipirozas, tropical sangrias, malibu bay breezes, and candy apple red martini’s. I went for the sangrias and bay breezes. double fisting the entire night. shamelessly i might add.


Me and the Yelp ladies


Yelp Dad, Phil.

DSC01317  DSC01324 

Some snacks were being passed around. Crab cakes (amazing) and Veal meatballs with goat cheese center (so good). DSC01320

There was DJ pumping out some amazing hits when suddenly the music changed and belly dancers came out of nowhere

DSC01329  DSC01335

Balancing fire on their head and gyrating all over the place- that was an awesome surprise! DSC01338  

Then the DJ came back on and YELP turned into a full on DANCE Crew. DSC01352

We cut a rug! danced the night away and stayed almost two hours after the party was over!

I ran into one of my Yelp friends, Wing, who has become the name tag magnet at every single event. I put my name on him and kept the tradition going.


Around last call I grabbed another drink (or two) and then got a little ridiculous.

DSC01355 DSC01356

Me and my friend Julia (hey sexy mama!!!) manned the dance floor, drinks in our hand, shoes on the floor and booties shaking. DSC01357

A SERIOUSLY rocking good time.

After we left the party, one of the Yelpers said TACOS and just like that, the party continued through the streets of astoria where we walked for what felt like hours in search of a 24 hr taco truck: El Rey de Sabor.

DSC01360 DSC01361

I ordered two tongue tacos ($2) and seriously loved every single bite!  Had it not been 12:30 am on a Wednesday morning I would have ordered more- but who can handle mexican food before bed??

On a scale of 1- 10 on how awesome this Yelp Event was- i give it an 11. It was a rockin good time. Queens is definitely on the map with Cavo. Its a lush ad modern space. Perfect for any type of occassion (they have so many different rooms). I highly recommend!