Last night I met up with a good friend of mine, Tabitha, for a very very very special night. If anyone is my friend on Facebook, they would know that every once in a while I go a little crazy for NKOTB… and even more so for NKOTBSB. One status update about a month ago spurred 65 comments all from me and two other ladies professing our love for the new kids. Tabitha was one of them.

A few days later she asked me what i was doing on the 31st. I looked at the calendar and said “nothing”. Her response: Wanna go to the Jordan Knight Album Release Party?

Is that EVEN a QUESTION??? Of Course I wanted to go. Doors opened last night at 730pm and it was only about 6 pm. I thought of the perfect spot for us to unwind before the big event. Petite Abeille. It was Tuesday so all wine bottles were half price. Being that I would be within close proximity to a celebrity, i made sure to be liquored up so as not to make a jackass of myself (like i always do).


We ordered a bottle of sparkling wine; Proseco. It was so crisp and refreshing for the hot and muggy day.


It was as we were toasting that Tabitha shared with me the good news. Her boyfriend put a ring on it! Peep the size of that monstrosity on her hand! Cheers Tabs! Congrats!


I pretty much drank the majority of this bottle… and drinking on a hot day is stupid. I was a sweaty mess afterwards…. so not good for meeting Jordan Knight!


We started the evening with some cheese croquettes. Fried triangles of cheesy goodness.


Since i was melting, i opted for a salad. Grilled chicken on top of a bed of couscous and mixed spring greens with a mustard vinaigrette. It was very tasty and refreshing. (and filling)


tabitha had frittes and somewhere underneath all that was a beautiful chicken pot pie.


We hopped over to the Canal Room and started the night off right. Liquor and Food to ensure happy bellies and calm nerves.


It was stifling in the Canal Room and it might have been all the hot photos of this guy all over the place. I have memories watching television at 8 years old and swooning over Jordan and the boys when they would pull girls up on stage and sing to them… Do you realize this night is bringing my celebrity crush full circle? All i need now is to meet Ralph Macchio.


Something caught my eye… and i thought NO WAY… is THAT Jordan Knights Face on Someones body? And in true ME style, i asked her if i could take a picture of her tattoo. She obliged. That is ONE amazing piece of art.


Her name is Jess. She takes FAN to a whole ‘nother level. You are braver than i am Jess, or perhaps more devoted! 🙂

Just a few moments later i feel the room move in one direction and the DJ Screamed JORDAN KNIGHT IS IN THE BUILDING…. and when i turned around:




So Close. I wanted to puke, faint, scream, run, cry and i don’t know what else. LOL


He was hugging ladies in the crowd and I stood there taking pics… and he was so close to me before someone behind him hugged him and rerouted him. I missed my hug!


I was THIS CLOSE to hugging the greatness. I didn’t let it bother me. I was there to enjoy the night.


Kat Deluna opened up for Jordan with her adorable and energetic self. She sang Whine UP and then two new songs from her upcoming album. One song was about booty popping… and she invited some ladies on stage to dip it with her. But no offense kat, I am here for Jordan.


And when he came out, i nearly lost my mind. Its amazing how good he looks!


I will say that while he is a decent singer, the falsetto is no longer cute. I was wincing when he hit those high notes. And I know i am like in LOVE with the guy, but i couldnt help but detect a little sweetness in demeanor. I wouldn’t say he is completely gay… maybe a little bi-curious. lol. i gotta keep the dream alive somehow.


Oh yeah. Hes hot.

We stared to chant TAKE IT OFF. And he did!


Oh sweet sweaty goodness. And this is when my life changed. He grabbed the mic and said “Im coming to say hi to you all again” and came into the crowd. It was an intimate crowd of about 200 ladies and 3 men. And he was coming around my way. Thats when Tabitha shoved me in his direction and where did i land? In an embrace with jordan knight.

I hugged my childhood celebrity crush. I rested my head on his shoulder, my arms around his lean waist and he patted me on the back while I told him i loved him and he said “thank you for coming”… and i think i did that too. (oh snap). Tabitha turned to me, her mouth wide open and screamed “DO YOU REALIZE WHAT JUST HAPPENED?”


DSC01480 DSC01481

He was sweaty. And I liked it. My dream came full circle 20 years later. Sitting in front of that television with my NKTOB tshirt and lunch box watching them sing The Right Stuff, Please Dont Go Girl, Hanging tough and so many more. I remember thinking “I wish that was me” and now I sit here vowing never to wash that pink blouse again and knowing that i accomplished something outrageous: I acted NORMAL in front of celebrity and managed to touch them!


I am never washing this shirt again.


And Tabitha lived vicariously through my moment. She got engaged. I hugged Jordan Knight. We are still deciding which is awesomer. Tabitha is a great friend, she put aside her own love for Jordan and threw me at him to get the coolest hug ever.

Okay, Im done talking like a 12 year old.

I will be a grown up tomorrow, i promise. (maybe)