So, Im dying.

Not literally, but I might as well be. While I was away in DC last weekend, I felt some minor discomfort in my molar area. Upon further investigation on my part, I realized My wisdom teeth have reared their ugly heads. All four of them are now above the gum line. Owwww. As the days progress, so does the discomfort. I am literally sitting here sucking on an ice cube to numb the pain while I search for an oral surgeon with a decent reputation.

Prior to my wisdom teeth coming in to kick my ass with exhaustion, nausea, migraines and irritability (poor babies who have months of new teeth!!) I had this post all lined up to go. It was my very last night in Washington, D.C. where Carol and I decided to have dinner in the hotel with her students.

In the Marriott, a Stone’s Throw is a fancy little joint that offers pretty much the same thing as the pub across the street with only a few dollars difference. We scored some free appetizer coupons and decided to cash in on the quiet night (which was rare).

The minute we arrived at Stone’s Throw, we were seated by the balcony and got to look over hotel lobby. We were given some bread.


The bread was awesome… but with the pain in my jaw from the wisdom teeth, i didn’t really have at it like i thought i would. Blessing in disguise i guess.


The first app we ordered was the bruschetta. Cracker thin slices of bread with herbed tomatoes and olive tapenade to spread. The tomatoes were great, but the tapenade was a little too briny for me.


Next up, some mussels in a white wine and butter broth.


  Now, i know what you are thinking. “Whoa, Diva. These are some amazing photos” Aren’t they though? Truth be told, i did not take these photos. My P.O.S. cyber shot did, but the photographer was none other than the amazing Carol, who has an eye for delicious shots.


   Next up, we ordered some pierogis. I opted out of the potato dumplings as my stomach was getting full from the mussels and all the diet coke. We opted to split our entrees between the four of us since our bellies were almost at capacity.


  Carol split a cheesy pizza with fresh tomatoes and arugula with one of the kiddos. The pizza was tasty but there was something weird about the crust. Corn mealy… and oddly textured. We couldnt figure it out. (or maybe it just wasnt NY pizza – burn DC, burn)


The other kiddo and I split a rib eye with mashed taters, herbed butter and roasted asparagus. Peep the size of that baby…. thats HALF a portion! I know! crazy right???


  We ordered a side of mushrooms that would have been phenom had the wine been cooked out of them. They had a bit of a zing to them and we were pretty sure it was because the wine was not cooked.

Overall, it was a pleasant last meal in DC. The convenience of dining in the hotel was awesome. Granted, the cuisine can be hit or miss, this was actually a pretty sweet dinner. Bittersweet. Later that evening, I rolled back to my room (cuz i was so full) and overslept, nearly missing my train back to NY.

Rest assured New York. Im back. And I aint goin Nowhere. (not yet anyways).