Because of the wonderful ways of Myspace (its like facebook’s  grandmother), I reconnected with an old friend several years ago. It started with some regular old messages and then we started having regular phone conversations.

I was 24. My boyfriend of 4 years had just left me and I was a mess. I remember going to school, where my now ex-boyfriend, shared class, wanting to die and running out of class to call the only guy that would verbally knock some sense into me.

Peter.  DSC00992

It was that period that I spent putting myself back together with the coaching of, quite possibly, the best  “older brother” type I have ever known. He used to tell me of his goings on too. And when he told me he reconnected with an old crush and wanted to move back to NY I was stoked. DSC01754

And somehow, we became roommates.

While it wasn’t always peachy- it certainly had more good times than bad. And after a year, he up and moved in with the woman he moved to NY for. While our communication has waned significantly over the years, the foundation of our friendship is still stronger than ever.  Which is why he sent me an invitation to his intimate wedding over the weekend.

No longer is my friend Peter. He’s my brother.

On Sunday, June 12, Peter Leon and Andrea Crismali became husband and wife, bringing the crush that started in first grade full circle.

The wedding was held at the gorgeous and picturesque Majestic Gardens in Riverhead on Long Island.  DSC01617

The moment I arrived, I was greeted with a glass of champagne. Wouldn’t you know it- I was nervous for my brother! A good three glasses of champagne later, we were asked to head outside for the outdoor ceremony. DSC01625

High heels+ damn grass= not a good time.

I really wish there were stepping stones of sorts. Every time I took a step or stood up, my spike heels dug deep into the earth like I was mining for oil. DSC01590

I snapped photos like a paparazzi. I mainly wanted to get Peters reaction when his bride made her grand entrance. I succeeded. Everyone was misty-eyed…including myself but I pushed back the tears and smiled! DSC01609

Shortly after the ceremony, we made our way to the cocktail hour and were handed drink after drink and nosh after nosh.

DSC01619Pina coladas, strawberry daiquiris, martinis, wine, champagne and more!

Coconut Shrimp, Empanadas, sesame Chicken, chicken satay, beef satay, mini beef wellington, pigs in a blanket, spanikopita, calamari, cheese, crackers, fresh fruit and crudite. It was quite the spread.


We snapped some photos and even snuck some of the professional photographers photos… DSC01632shhh… and then headed to the reception hall for the bride and groom to make their entrance.             DSC01647

Everything was beautiful! I took full advantage of the open bar and sipped glass after glass of champagne as the courses came out.


More food.DSC01673

Lightly dressed Caesar Salad. It was good. But I was saving room for the main event.

DSC01674Rib Eye. Potatoes. And Veggies. The rib eye was cooked perfectly! Minus all the fat in the center of the meat, it was actually really good.

The staff were coming around with large trays offering seconds and even dises we didn’t order … might have been getting rid of the surplus- but the amount of food was definitely starting to hit me and the only way to feel better was to DANCE.

The wedding video better be edited… there are quite a few HOURS of footage consisting of me and my parents dancing like it was our party.


Towards the end of the night, Peter and Andrea cut the cake DSC01690(a vibrant and delicious red velvet cake) and shared a few candid dances.


Pretty soon, it was time to go home.

DSC01667I gave my best friend/brother a huge hug and wished him well as he and his new wife prepared for their honeymoon the following day.

I couldn’t be happier for the two and wish them a LIFETIME of success and Love.