Little known fact: I YELP A LOT

No, seriously. I stalk the website all day for places to try and upcoming events. It really helps keep the ol’ calendar full. But on occasion, I will get an email letting me know of an upcoming event for Elites Only and submit an RSVP for them.

This event was the first of its kind that I had ever been to. For one, this was a dry event. AHEM. No Alcohol. And Two, this event was being hosted in a yoga studio. It was sure to be a different kind of event…

So, I RSVP’d because I never turn down an opportunity to sit and chat with my fellow yelpers.

On the day of the event, We got an email saying if we wanted to bring an extra guest, we could. I sought the opportunity to invite my new roommate, Diana. Shes new to New York and what better way to assimilate into a new place than to jump right into a social event designed for meeting people? Right?

Prior to leaving for the event, i noticed the skies turning an awful shade of gray. My thought was that we should hurry to avoid getting caught in a storm.

I didnt pay attention to the sandals i threw on and went out with Diana , and no sooner than we step outside does a Tsunami unleash itself upon us. We wait for the bus as 5 buses pass by with the words “NEXT BUS PLEASE” flash. When we finally got on the bus, i noticed my toes were dark from the dye on the sandals.


We arrive. semi wet and semi dry. We get our name tags.


Everyone meets (and loves) Diana and we all have a nice time greeting one another. DSC01511

My Julia.

DSC01512 The event was also providing sandwiches courtesy  of a nearby deli.

And then my life was over when the owner of the studio asked me to take my shoes off.

Oh God, Please no….


And thats when the night got interesting. My feet were BLACK. Like FILTHY! but no amount of soap and water could take the dye off. So i resorted to holding my umbrella between my feet to hide the grossness that is my feet. DSC01513


Then THIS GUY had a field day with my feet. So much so that he reviewed them on Yelp. Its all in good fun i say…

DSC01517 DSC01518 

Then while we were waiting we sampled the Kombucha… which was…um… interesting. Fermented tea is def not my thing. The berry flavor reminded me of vinegar and i dont do vinegar shots…

The event really gave us an opportunity to discover how Hosh Yoga runs their business and is majorly run through a Pay-what-You-Wish system. A system that allows anyone who can give and anyone who is struggling to get the same service. It was very motivating!

I also got a chance to talk to Yelpers that I normally dont get to talk to that much- like the community manager of Yelp Brooklyn. The event was intimate and relaxing where we could sit and chat SOBER and not have to yell over music or loud drinking people…

speaking of drinking…

after the event me, the roomie, Julia and Erica decided we were thirsty and headed to Barcade in WIlliamsburg. tDSC01520

Ladies take note. This bar is one hefty sausage fest. But none of the men are interested in you. They are interested in Beer and video games. Although, the bartender with the tattoo sleeve is SEXY… yay for eye candy!DSC01521

Me and Jules…

 DSC01522 DSC01523

My DogFish Head Festina Peche. So good.

We knocked back several beers and upon the genius request of my roommate, we decided to hit up Union pool a few blocks away to have some late night tacos. DSC01524

I most certainly eat with my eyes. I ordered two beef tacos and one chicken taco. The backyard was totally crowded but i managed to bogard a seat for me and the ladies to eat. The beef was underwhelming. The chicken was way better… the joint would have made for a great place to sit and chill had it not been for the smokers. YUCK. DSC01525

I also ordered the corn. 🙂

That was pretty awesome. It was a little overcooked but the cream and cheese on this baby made for a sweet snack!

My first hangout (of many) with my new roommate. Shes awesome! And the elite event was awesome too.