The past weekend was some kinda crazy.

My best friend got married and there was not one but TWO Elite events… in ONE day.

I was gonna need some redbull.

A very NEW and good friend of mine, The Suit, was in the area and stopped by to say hello. Not knowing that I had a mere minutes to spare before running out the door to the first Elite event of the day. He offered to drive me there cutting my 1 hour commute down to about 15 minutes.

Don’t you just love cars?

Correction: Don’t you just love BOYS with CARS?

Me too.

So The Suit and I were enroute to my Elite event when I decided to ask ahead if there were any last minute cancellations and I could drag The Suit along with me.


There was a cancellation and The Suit had nabbed a spot on the list.


The event was being hosted by the kind people at Koreana in Flushing. A newish and modern looking Korean restaurant with pristine restrooms and stellar service. The menu offers an all-you-can-eat option that makes my stomach scared and excited at the same time!

The Suit was stoked to be on the list and the elation slowly turned to frustration as we circled the streets of Flushing in search of parking.

Don’t you HATE that about cars?

Me too. Parking, especially in Flushing, is a B*tch.

When we arrived one hour later, everyone was seated at tables in groups of 4 or 6. They were all cooking on their table top grills and stuffing their faces. The Suit and I nabbed an awesome table in the corner and invited another late comer to join us.

The manager came over and set up our table herself. She brought over the hot coals that we were going to cook over.


The ban chan.

And the trio of meats: Bulgogi, marinated chicken and pork. She started to cook the chicken first and would come back every now and again to check on the meats.


We were heavily involved in the conversation and remembered there were two drink sponsors. Alize and Corumba Rum had a few cocktails all shaken and up and ready for us to drink. It was only about 2 pm in the afternoon and I was already double fisting drinks!

DSC01551 DSC01552 DSC01556

Suffice to say I got a little tipsy… but we ate. We were merry and we were stuffed by the end of the meal! The food was fantastic! I was a huge fan of the pork. I also love that they didn’t skimp on the red pepper paste!

As we were posing for final pics (and my impending food baby) and saying our “see you laters” I heard there was a plea for attendees to the evening event to bring more people. And after people literally LOVING The Suit, asked him if he would come to the event.

He looked at me. Looked at them and said “I guess so”.

So we all head out after an amazing and filling lunch, went for some naps and then met up again at Yelp Elite night Part 2.