Okay, Okay… enough with the freaking yelp events, right? I know I was getting tired of reading a food blog with no food… i can only imagine you. But seriously, with all the events, cooking dinner was rare and when I did cook, i ended up wasting the majority of the ingredients.

After all the fun and drinking, a girl was starting to get a little tired of take out and frozen dinners (are you gasping? I totally am!). I dusted off the book I got from The Dude for Christmas and picked out something perfect for the warm weather and the hot ass kitchen.

DSC01501 It looked light enough to be a great summer dinner and substantial enough to keep me full. The best part, or so i thought, was the minimal amount of time I would spend over a stove.

DSC01497 I turned to Dorie Greenspan’s book and found her recipe for salad Nicoise. In my opinion, this salad is the mac daddy of salads. Its got eggs, tuna, potatoes and green beans in addition to lots of yummy spring greens. Its sure to be a filling salad – maybe even technically a man’s salad. (did i just go there?)

Out of respect for Ms. Greenspan, and copyright laws all over the place, i will refrain from posting her recipe. But I would love to share the thought process. 


When I rinsed and dried my bowl of mixed spring greens I opened a bag of baby creamer potatoes. The tri color potatoes are really quite beautiful..


and SO itty bitty! How can you resist their cuteness??? I boiled the pototoes till they were fork tender. I also noted that boiling potatoes in my kitchen in June proved to make the apartment nice and steamy. and Me? nice and sweaty. gross.


  I blanched some fresh green beans and tried not to take handfuls of the crisp tender greens by the mouthful. I also boiled some eggs. The entire cooking process left me a sweaty mess, but in the end I had a fantastic salad that was hearty, meaty, and completely amazing! Especially with the dijon mustard vinaigrette i poured on top of it.

DSC01502  In this salad: mixed spring greens baby creamer potatoes, 1 hard boiled egg, 2 ounces of tuna, 3 anchovy filets, capers, green beans and dijon vinaigrette.

It was a fantastic dinner! and I even managed to take some to lunch. For those that make this salad, i recommend separating the greens and tuna from the egg, potatoes and green beans. When you are ready to eat, just zap the egg, potatoes, and green beans in the microwave to warm it up and then serve over your chilled lettuce with homemade dressing!!!