I think I was going to Haewoondae for a good 2 years before I found out what the name of the establishment was… sad, aint it? But It was a free night on the old agenda and i sent out an SOS for some girl time and dinner. Bunz responded! Being that the last time i hung out with Bunz, she expressed interest in revisiting Korean BBQ, I jumped at the opportunity.

Gotta love Haewoondae for always being open and having great food.


When we arrived we were seated at a huge table. But that didnt bother me one bit- more room for the food! They brought out the ban chan right away. And having had Korean BBQ many times before, I have never had to “teach” someone to eat… i usually just dive in and figure out on the spot if i like something or not. The Bunz method was to let Mo try it and then wait for a flavor description.

It worked out to her benefit.

DSC01527 DSC01528

We were given some potatoes that I was expecting to be way spicy but were actually quite tasty. Not overpowering in flavor and the potatoes were cooked perfectly. Next to that, some tasty zucchini.

DSC01529 DSC01530

The next two are quite possibly my favorite sides ever. Dandelion greens and baked tofu. I love the bitterness in conjunction with the spices used to season them. And the baked tofu is simply prepared with soy sauce, red pepper flakes, garlic and scallions. A personal fave.

DSC01531  DSC01532

Followed by some kimchi, which i have to be in the mood for, and some more bitter greens.

DSC01533 DSC01534

The odd combination pasta with mayonaise, red beans and apples is addicting. You cant figure out why you love it but before you know it, its all gone… and then the fried fish. Reminds you of the time when you to think that it was healthy because it was fish regardless of how it was prepared. YUMMY.


When the main course came, the Kalbi, I forgot to snap a photo of it and remembered as we tore it apart! It was amazing. Marinated Korean ribs. Wrapped in lettuce with rice, fresh garlic, and lots of red pepper paste. I made a freakin mess of it all but it was a delicious mess.


And then, of course, we had to order jap chae. Glass Noodles with strips of beef lots of veggies and tons of amazing flavor. I seriously need to learn how to make this dish! DSC01538

Overall, Bunz was thrilled she gave korean food another chance and really enjoyed it!  I think i have a new partner in crime! yess

And to continue the merriment and trying new things, i suggested ice cream…DSC01539

at Eddie’s ice Cream shop.


It was her first time. Not only did she love the decor…


but she loved the goods!

DSC01544 DSC01542

Seriously, how the hell did we get away ordering that much ice cream???

We WALKED home from there!