I did it again!

I cooked!

It was a great week where I made TWO things. Two Salads.

I half cooked. But- i have to say, that despite the fact that they are salad dinners, they were in fact hearty salads.  This beauty was inspired by Dorie Greenspan (again). I have permanently left her cookbook on my kitchen counter for inspiration. And how can you NOT get inspired when looking in the salad section of all sections and see things like BACON and EGGS?

Um, yes please? DSC01507

You should know two things. One, this dish was incredibly difficult to photograph. I wanted it to be as picturesque as the lovely Ms. Greenspan’s… but no such luck. Two, my camera is on the fritz and is refusing to focus on anything. So, I’m camera shopping. If anyone wants to buy me an amazeballs camera, I will bake you a batch of brownies and hand deliver them…


I scored an amazing bunch of asparagus that i trimmed and washed and briefly cooked in a pan of salted water. They simmered in the shallow water for about 4 minutes or until they were crisp tender (maybe even a little more softer than that- but they still had some bite to them). When the asparagus was done, i transferred it to an ice bath to bring it back to its gorgeous bright green color. I set the asparagus aside and started to work on a gorgeous slab of thick cut bacon.


I attempted to trim this bacon but how HELLO! Do you SEE how amazing it looks? I just grabbed my kitchen shears, hacked thick pieces of bacon into a hot pan and let them crisp up. DSC01506

  The bacon took several minutes the crisp up so while that was goin on, i soft boiled some eggs. Soft boiling eggs= crack tastic. It takes little to no time at all but when it comes to peeling the shells, make sure the egg is submerged in cold water before you carefully attempt to remove the shell from the tender flesh.

When the bacon was cooked, i transferred it to a paper towel to blot the excess oil.

To assemble my salad, i laid a layer of mixed spring greens with several sprigs of asparagus (minus a few i noshed on while cooking), sprinkled with bacon crumbles, and placed the soft boiled egg on top.


I dressed it with a light dijon vinaigrette.

This salad was definitely out of the ordinary but the elements together made for bite after delicious bite of wonderfulness.

I adore this dish and definitely see myself making it again in the future.