Hey gang. So, today is the big day. I am getting my wisdom teeth pulled out in 3 hours. I am nervous. Excited. Scared. Anxious. Hungry. and Tired. Thats a lot going on… But before I put myself out of commission with the wonderful Rx loving im about to partake in, I wanted to leave you with a delicious and awesome post to savour over the weekend while i recover. I hope you all have a smashing weekend and eat lots of crunchy things with salt and drink drinks with big straws.

Two days ago, Sarah and I exchanged a brief email and she casually asked if i was free the following night. I havent hung out with Sarah since Rayuela in january so, yeah, im free to have some Sarah and Mo time. Sarah is a bonafide Diva. She received an invite to a press tasting at the new and exciting DUO in the Flatiron and asked me to be her Plus One.

Um, hell to the yes.

We arrived at DUO around 6:30. The establishment is stunning. From the booths to the marble table tops, to the pink lighting, this place is gorgeous- as are the two drop dead gorgeous Brazilian sisters who own the joint! We met up with another sarah, from Fritosandfoiegras, with her friend lauren who were enjoying some libations at the bar.

My camera picked a fantastic day to quit on me as the photo ops at this place were endless and amazing. So these photos are a combination of my cellphone, and courtesy of the fritos and foie gras diva, herself.

Sarah and i ordered come cocktails. I ordered a French Sparkle which was a delicious and refreshing glass of champagne and Chambord. Perfect girlie beverage for a perfect girlie evening. We were seated at a plush and comfortable booth that came with a cute little stool for my purse.

The menus are large… and they light up when you open them.

Sarah approves…but shes kinda shocked. Can you tell? That right there is pure shock and awe. Love. it.

The staff came around with some rolls and butter along with an amuse bouche of pineapple gaspacho. While struggling with my phone, I, at some point tossed it with the whole “screw this” attitude and started using my Droid to take photos (which eventually decided to quit on me too). The chilled gaspacho was a great balance of sweet and savory. I usually do not enjoy pineapple with my savory foods, but i really enjoyed this one. I took a few sips and awaited the next course.

To maximize our tasting, the 3 other ladies and i collectively selected appetizers to taste. The one above is the lobster salad with avocado and grapefruit. I nearly forgot about this one but Again, was amazed by how much i enjoyed something citrusy in my salad. DUO is making a liar out of my palatte so early on in the game. Touche. The maitr’d came over and asked us if we had tried the sippers. We said no. He highly recommended them because they were not only unique but delicious. they are these tiny little glasses with tiny sipping straws filled with grey goose and muddled fruit. Can i just say- these rocked my world. There. I said it. Try the kiwi- its amazing.

Next we ordered the calamari salad. Simple, yet delicious. The calamari was not overcooked or overly greasy. It was crisp. It had the perfect bite to it. And was a big hit.

We also ordered the tuna carpaccio and the burrata with heirloom tomatoes and balsamic dressing. The tuna was pleasant in every which way. I found myself going back for bites just to experience the amazing mouthfeel of the sily avocado and the delicate flesh of the tuna.

The burrata is, and always will be, my weakness when it comes to appetizers. The softness of the fresh mozzarella with the creamy, gooey innards gets me every time. How can this be so damn delicious? HOW!?!? This was the thing we kept going back to. More please!

For our entrees, we followed suit, making sure to order different things so we can taste as much as possible. Lauren ordered the Chilean Sea Bass. It had a slightly sweet glaze on it and flaked beautifully. The bite that i had was worthy of tears. happy tears.

Sarah ordered the scallops that were cooked to perfection. The lovely sear on the outside with the soft and juicy scallop meat on the inside. She shared but she totally shouldnt have. That would have been an “oops, i ate it all before you tried it” kind of moment. Thanks for sharing dearie.

The other sarah, fritos and Foie lady, ordered the beef carpaccio. Thin slices of raw beef pounded to nearly thin slices of pure tender deliciousness. It was excellent.

I ordered the aromatic duck. It was a roasted duck breast (with crispy duck fat!!!) on a bed of roasted carrots and tender green lentils. I cleaned my plate… 🙂 Mom would be proud.

For our sides, we ordered the rattatoiulle, pictured above and a side of creamy truffle mashed potatoes. The phone refused to photograph the taters because they were SO AMAZING.

The rattatoiulle can not be forgotten though. In its simplest form, its comforting and well seasoned. It made us feel good about ordering because- what can be back about a mountain of roasted vegetables? (dont ruin this for me- just go with it, ok?)

The truffle mashed potatoes were silky, smoky, peppery and addicting. There was a healthy dusting of truffles in this mountain of potatoes and we all agreed it was quite amazing.

For dessert, we ordered the hot chocolate cake. A mug FILLED with warm chocolate goo, topped with a toasted marshmallow swirl.

Chocolate goo and marshmallowy goodness.

We also ordered the peach cobbler three ways. Warm peach cobbler in a ramekin with a scoop of ginger ice cream on top. Along side it, a roasted peach that was too tasty to be true. As well as a delicious peach gelee.

My favorite was the chocolate peanut butter mousse. It was a cake like peanut butter cup filled with a silky peanut butter in the center. I chased this down with a magnificent cafe latte.

As if this evening couldnt get any better, when i stepped away to the ladies room to admire the furnishings, i washed my hands and carelessly dried them only to find Karine Bakhoum, standing- at my table- talking to the rest of ladies. When i returned to the table, as sweet as pie- she extended her hand for a greeting and i handed her a partially wet hand. ::slaps forhead:: On the brightside, at least there is evidence that i washed my hands. It was a pleasure to meet her and may i add- shes a gorgeous woman.

It was an amazing night with 3 amazing ladies. I had an awesome time dining at DUO and would DEFINITELY return! The service was stellar and the food impeccable.