Happy Almost Friday.

I have decided to keep my Dorie Greenspan cookbook in the kitchen for more inspiration. I have made a few salads and am still hungry for more at home french style food. I passed the salad section and came across an easy dish that made my mouth water.


I am a sucker for a buttery and flaky crust but throw in some creamy eggs, cheese and bacon? Dude. Its on!

And thats kinda what happened when i saw how simple and easy it was to make quiche a la dorie greenspan.


All i needed were eggs, a pie crust, crispy bacon, heavy cream, fresh spinach, onions and parm cheese. Most of these things were already in my freezer so after a quick shop at the grocery store- it was time for some quiche.

Once I crisped up the bacon…. which by the way- makes doggies very focused… I set it aside to drip dry on some paper towels.


In the bacon grease, (oh god please dont judge me) I sauteed the onions and when they were nice and tender i added fresh spinach. DSC01703

Do you know what fresh spinach and onions taste like when they have been bathed in bacon fat?

Pretty amazing if i may say so myself. Dorie didnt tell me to use the bacon fat but I just felt like I couldnt waste it. And really, i think she might give me a thumbs up for that one.

DSC01704 I seasoned the veggies and bacon with salt and pepper and then took it off the flame.


In my whole wheat pie crust (gotta make it healthy where it counts) I added the veggie mixture to the bottom, covered it with cheese and then poured eggs and heavy cream on top of it followed by another healthy shaking of parm cheese. DSC01706

I baked it for 30 minutes and when it came out of the oven, it filled the apartment with the aroma of bacon and buttery bread.

I would like to bottle the fragrance and sell it. Got any good names for that one???


I allowed this baby to cool for a while- which was no easy feat- and dug in (as well as the new boy) to a healthy slice. The boy doesnt like quiche (and veggies i just learned – gasp) but still ate it anyway. I loved the simplicity of this quiche as well as the flavors and textures. There will most definitely be another quiche in upcoming posts as there was another pie crust just chillin in the freezer waiting to be loved.