I have a Yelp Wife. Her name is Julia. She’s been on the blog before. She’s the younger version of me, if i were born in switzerland, raised in different countries and spoke several languages…. and she’s a wee bit awesomer. She knows how to party and give love unconditionally and i lovah dearly.

She mentioned on a Talk Board on Yelp (hi, im addicted to Yelp) that she had a tenka deal for buy one, get one free crepes. And since i was nearby and feeling possessive, i called dibs.

In the outskirts of chinatown, passed the people spitting on the curbs, the rows of “fresh” fish on the sidewalks along with the candy that smells like vomit, there lies a tiny- yet adorable- storefront bearing the name “La Crepe C’est si bon” which probably means “The crepe is the bomb” (my french is not as good as my spanish).


Inside this little gem is a bright and airy store with white benches and tables with cute little daisies on the tables. 


We fell in love immediately [with the decor]


We walked up to the counter and ordered one sweet crepe and one savory. Might as well get one of everything, right?

For the sweet, we got nutella and strawberries on a butter crepe.


we waited a bit for the goods and this was brought to our table.

I know what you are thinking. “those utensils! so cute!” arent they though? I thought the same thing till it was time to dig into the crepe. what should have come apart from the heat required a sawing action to get at the innards of the crepe. And when i finally got to the center, the nutella wasnt even melted. 😦


We made the best of it.

Not pictured is our savory crepe.  Porcini mushrooms, bacon and smoked gruyere on a butter crepe.

Doesnt that sound magnificent???

Until it came to our table. Julias half was nothing but cold shredded cheese. Mine was all mushrooms and bacon. We divvied it up among us but felt so robbed by the fail in execution of our savory crepe!

Overall, this place has a lot of potential. Im glad I got a good deal on the crepe…. but I would insist next time that the crepe be piping hot when i dig into it. But thanks to Tenka, i now know of a crepe place near the office!