How much do i talk about Yelp? Seriously, how much? A lot. Why, i dont think i can go a day without yelping or talking about something that I did with Yelp or with yelpers. I am going a little out of order with the posts as I was eager to pull these sexy images off my camera phone… Before my wisdom teeth were ripped out of my head (graphic much?) I attended an unofficial Yelp Event hosted by a hungry yelper. I didnt get to take as many photos but it was called “Dim Sum by the Moonlight” and I, along with 29 other yelpers came into a dim sum restaurant and ate like Kings and Queens. I loved the experience so much that I decided to take two coworkers there to share the love.
Where, you might ask?
Nom Wah Tea Parlor. Nom wah first opened up in 1920. Yes, you read that right. Over the years its suffered from old age and recently received a much needed facelift and update in the times. Its kind of all anyone is talking about actually.
I have had dim sum before and I am a big fan! Huge fan as a matter of fact. But I found it to be a little chaotic to sit a huge round table while carts come around and I, a dim sum novice, not knowing what was being pulled around. Until I visited Nom wah. Nom wah has an old school diner feel with bar stools and bright red booths and red checked table cloths. When you are seated, you are given a menu with all the dim sum and dishes available with descriptions and a check list. You simply check off what you would like to order and its made fresh and brought out to you as its ready.
Dim Sum for beginners.
I had written a glowing review of of Nom Wah immediately after visiting with the Yelpers and after a week of mashed potatoes I was craving dim sum like you wouldnt believe! Luckily, i had two willing newbies with me that were eager to try it! And when i was seated, the new owner was very friendly and even said he recognized my face from my lovely review on Yelp.
To start, the ladies and I ordered the stuffed eggplant. Incredibly tender eggplant stuffed with a fried shrimp patty covered in a sauce that begged to be licked off the plate… but we didnt do that. We were lunching ladies.
We also ordered the beef rolls. Thin sheets of chewy (in a good way) rice noodles filled with tender beef and rolled, steamed and covered in deliciousness. We also ordered the steamed spare ribs which dont really sound amazing… or look good for that matter but if you trust me, just go for it- i am sure it will be a winner for you!
Fresh shrimp dumplings. Each bite packed with the fresh and perfectly cooked shrimp that I could not get enough of.
Veggie dumplings. Filled with chunks of fresh carrots, sprouts, mushrooms and celery. With a drizzle of soy sauce- these filled our happy bellies.
A house special- pan fried noodles. This platter was HUGE. We definitely ate with our eyes… but we got to take home quite a bit of leftovers. This is what lo mein should be, but isnt in my hood.
And lastly, steamed pork buns. Fluffy dough filled with sweet porky filling!
On the way out, we snagged a sweet and crumble almond cookie that was delectable. I cant wait till the winter (kind of) to try the amazing array of teas on their wall!

Compared to most dim sum establishments, Nom Wah is a little more per plate but its a price I am more than happy to pay. For the convenience of having dim sum made to order at any time of the day, its well worth it. The staff here are amazing! So, stop by and say hello to Willy!
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