It really doesnt make sense to put this post on the back burner- especially since I was so stoked about the write up yesterday of Nom Wah. So you have to tolerate one more post on Nom Wah Tea Parlor…but i cant spare you of the check ins on 4sq and Yelp… so, yeah.

One of the Yelpers threw this shindig together the night before my wisdom tooth extraction. I deemed it “the Last Supper” and I wasnt playing around! It was my last time for 10 whole days before I could eat without pain, swishing salt water, or wincing from pain.


The organizer of the event made a reservation for us and pre ordered some popular dim sum for us so they could just crank out the dishes as needed.image

We were a pretty large group….image and we were hungry!

DSC01761 DSC01762

Shameless product placement… i made G-Unit pose with the Coke. DSC01763

The wall of Tea at nom Wah… and Willy- the new owner.  DSC01764

Noodles!!! veggie and shrimp. nommers.  DSC01765

Some more nommies. Stuffed eggplant, pan fried dumplings, and rice rolls.  DSC01766

My yelp wife being amazing as always. image

What can I say? the camera LOVES ME!  DSC01767

One of my plates. A little bit of everything! DEE-lish.  DSC01768

I think this was a fried soybean rice roll… freakin awesome.  DSC01769

Im not sure… but everyone else seemed to love it! maybe an egg roll of sorts? DSC01770

The gang!DSC01771

G-Unit and A-Rodimus Prime holding something that looks a lil questionable. But I assure you its a veggie dumpling.  DSC01772

Andrew- shoving stuff into his mouth…DSC01773

At the end of the meal we all rubbed our bellies and planned the next step. a small amount of people were interested in snagging ice cream at the Chinatown ice cream factory while the rest of us were THIRSTY. I suggested Whiskey Tavern. That was received with much excitement. 


The Dim Sum in the moonlight crew… all 500 of us!  lol.


We ended up at Whiskey tavern where we enjoyed some dancing, pickle backs, and silly photos. Even “the Suit” made an appearance and gave the peace sign 🙂 Good Times.

image image

we ended the night with some photobooth shots… Indeed a good Last Supper. And Nom Wah, sigh, I loves it.