I love my new roommate. I love her almost as much as i love Yelp. No, its a tie. But the point is, I finally have a roommate that I love. And for those that are curious, i found her via craigslist.  Say what you will about craigslist. 9 times out of 10 you will find yourself a bonafide looney but that leaves one chance to find that awesome person and BOOM instant friends.

On the 4th of July, we both awoke nursing some pretty annoying hangovers and were talking about what we wanted for breakfast. Initially, it was diner pancakes. But then I said something about sandwiches. And then Roomie was craving pastrami and I thought about Ben’s Best Deli in Rego Park. We used some movie ticket deals we had and planned a girls day that included a double feature at the movies and some good comfort food.


Normally, Ben’s Best is busy. But on the 4th of July they were pretty empty so we got great and speedy service. A quick glance at the menu to confirm that we both wanted pastrami sandwiches. But also saw Matzoh Ball soup. It only came in a giant bowl but we decided to share the bowl. How crazy are we having hot soup on a 90* day? Really crazy but this soup was a perfect way to start the meal. The server was in no rush and let us enjoy each of our dishes individually.


When we finished the soup, we were given some homemade cole slaw and pickles. As a girl who is not a huge fan of cabbage, cole slaw is usually not something that i love… but this was very fresh tasting and not overly done with the mayo. It had a great sweetness to it that didnt taste artificial and wasnt laden with mayo that it felt heavy- it was very refreshing. The pickles were nice and sour and completely crack tastic.


We both ordered pastrami sandwiches on rye with lots of spicy mustard. The pastrami was warm and juicy. Paired with the mustard and rye, the combination of flavors was comforting and addicting. But as we continued to stuff our faces, we were realizing that our eyes were a lot bigger than our stomachs.


And thats when these fries came out. Crisp on the outside, potato mush in the center. These babies were awesome. We noted that there was no way we were going to finish all of our food so we packed up our sandwiches and planned to eat them at the movie theatre. Because of all our sides, we had quite a feast.  We noted that next time we come to the deli we are going to share a sandwich too so we dont overdo it.

The prices at Ben’s Best are extremely reasonable. For all their notoriety, they stay gracious to keep the price very decent. The staff is incredibly sweet, the food is fresh, and the prices cant be beat.

We hit the movies and saw Bridesmaid and HangoverII. During the 2nd flick, we devoured our other halves of the pastrami sandwich and were in a comfort food heaven.

If you are in Rego Park and crave a good pastrami sandwich- stop by! Its worth the trek.

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