On the 24th of June, I exited the train station in the North Side of Williamsburg and caught the side of an awning. Crif Dogs. My mouth watered. My stomach rumbled. My heart ached. For I was on my way to the dental surgeon to have all of my wisdom teeth extracted. I was fasting so I could be put to sleep for the extraction. I would have loved nothing more than to have my “last meal [for two weeks]” to have been at Crif Dogs. But I walked on and made a note to come back.

I endured two weeks of mush. Awkward and frequent trips to public restrooms to rinse my mouth out and make sure nothing was stuck in my wounds. I counted down the days till I had to be back at the dentist for my post opt visit.

Fast Forward to Friday.

I left work early. I went to the dentist for my post-op appointment. He examined me and said everything look great (which means the whole thing was not for nothing!) and as he dismissed me, I knew one thing and one thing only:

I needed a crif dog.

I made my way to the establishment. I walked in and admired awesome décor and placed my order.


The server was as sweet as pie and rung up my choice of a Chihuahua dog, waffle fries covered in cheese and a birch beer. The Chihuahua was a bacon wrapped hot dog of pork and beef, deep fried to a snaptastic hot dog, with avocado wedges and sour cream. The addition of sour cream and avocado had a very unctuous texture to it that wasn’t gross, but certainly wasn’t amazing. It sort of felt like there was a glob of mayo on the hot dog. As an FYI: I love Mayo. But this guy was missing an element. I think it needed crunch, or something salty. IMAG0412

The waffle fries, which is a size SMALL (in case you were wondering) was HUGE. An overflowing basket of golden crisp waffle fries with thick cheese sauce poured all over. I ate the cheese fries first. They were magnificent. The cheese sauce was thick and creamy and it seemed to be everywhere. It begged to not be wiped off, but devoured. I licked my fingers, hands and even a drop that found my blouse unabashedly… some got on the table but I draw the line at licking restaurant furniture!


It was great to sit down and enjoy that meal that I longed for for two whole weeks! Even better when I took my roommate there on Sunday night where we split a BLT dog (which was PERFECTION) as well as a Philly Tubesteak dog (that was underwhelming)… but the cheese fries never disappoint- unless you don’t get cheese fries- that is way disappointing.

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