So its your childhood friends Birthday and shes having a bbq. You tell her its been forever since you have been to a bbq. She tells you to bring your swim wear and appetite.

You always do as you are told…

and then you are greeted by this:


Carbs! and Meat! (hot dog, cheeseburger, rice, pasta salad, mac and cheese, chicken and bacon kebabs, potato salad… and beer)


Oh Shit.

You do your best. You arent rude, you know? It takes forever to eat now because of the lovely holes in the back of your mouth where your wisdom teeth used to be. Its gonna be two more long weeks of shit getting stuck in there!

You know what? Just take pics of everyone else eating…

HI Dad!


Say hey to the pops.


Say Wassup to momma dukes… (ooooooh! Corn!)

DSC01801 DSC01802 

Miss Patty and Miss Roommate! Aint they pretty??? We was eating…and we was eating good.


Then My friends mom went around handing out pineapple chunks that were saturated with tequila.

Mo Diva Likey.

We sat around drinking beers, talking and taking random jumps into the pool. It was great to finally get to a BBQ and to spend my friends birthday with her and several of our closests friends. Just then her younger brother came out with her birthday cake….

Oh, Brothers.


  Happy 28th (not 82nd) Birthday Courtney!DSC01807

It was a fantastic time!

And Over the weekend, courtney and I will be hitting the dirty jerz for a harry potter party! (dont judge)

Whaddup Thursday!