Ever wake up craving something?

Well on one particular night I went to bed dreaming of the pancakes from Kane’s Diner in Flushing. I sent my roommate a text (who was in the next room) as well as my neighbor Patty a text asking if they would be interested in taking a trip the following morning to get some amazing pancakes.

They both said yes.

However, saying YES and making PLANS are two different things. I went to bed dreaming of those buttery fluffy pancakes and woke up. At 11am. Texted my neighbor who was still sleeping (we party too hard, i guess) and my roommate who was already making breakfast in the kitchen.

i smelled bacon. And when one smells bacon, one might send a text to sleeping neighbor saying “F*ck the pancakes! Theres bacon in my house!” (Dont worry- neighbor couldnt make it to the diner that morning anyway) So i joined my roommate in the kitchen and decided to make some pancakes.


I used a tried and true recipe, plus the addition of some brown sugar and cinnamon in the batter.


The result: Fluffy (and free) homemade pancakes. All in the comfort of my favorite pajamas (the ones with the hole in the waistband)


We also had a bottle of proseco in the fridge waiting for the perfect occassion. Felt like the perfect moment for mimosas.


Roomie made amazing potatoes with some cajun seasoning, crispy bacon, and sunnyside eggs.


(mind the clutter at my tiny table) We sat down to a delightful brunch in our Pjs and had some girl talk while our boys stayed sleeping in their respective beds… (smh MEN! more lazy than us ladies!)


My plate of the savory yummies…


Followed by a short stack of homemade pancakes. We rubbed our full bellies and got a little buzzed from our giant mimosas. We cleaned the table and kitchen. We yawned. Smiled. And then went to take post-brunch, alcohol induced naps.

The boys woke up later and had brunchy Lunches.

In this heat, i welcome midday naps! I seem to wear my sunglasses at night these days.