When i was in California (those short, yet far months ago) My friend Carol mentioned something called DishCrawl where she got to partake in several restaurant tours having a dish at each place. She told me it was only a matter of time before it got to New York…

and she was right.

I got an email on my Yelp account from a woman by the name of Tracy who thought i might be interested in the Dish Crawl. It would be New Yorks First DishCrawl and would be held in Chelsea.

Yup. Im WAY interested! and i scored a free pass to go. Normally a pass is $26 but thanks to Yelp and Diva, Tracy, I got in for free son. DSC01899

We met up at Chelsea Market. Our First stop was People’s Pops. One of the owners of People’s Pops came out to give some background information on the awesomeness that is People’s Pops. DSC01900

Some factoids:

-They run their business 7 months out of the year

-They support local farmers

-Their menu changes based on the seasonal fruits at the market

-Im hungry.

DSC01901 They had a great listing of pops but part of the crawl entitled us to a cup of shaved ice with an all natural fruit syrup on top. DSC01902

I really wanted a pop…. but i also thought tasting a shaved ice would be nostalgic. I remember growing up to hear that scraping sound in the park and would Run to my mom begging her for $1 to get a shaved ice covered in thick syrupy cherry goo. That snack was never refreshing. it always left me thirsty. But the syrups used by the People’s Pops is light. and Refreshing!


We had a choice between 3 syrups: Lemon, Rhubarb, and Roasted Plum. I opted for the roasted plum and rhubarb together to make a not so sweet yet kinda sweet shaved ice.


Dont be. I’ll tell ya who was confused…


Ms. Stella… thats a wax pop! not for eating. (she knew. shes so cute) image

Lara and I were posing for the dishcrawl peeps. Photo Source.

After our dessert before dinner… we walked literally around the kiosk to the Tuck Shop. DSC01909

The Tuck Shop is an aussie spot where they make meat pies.

Random Factoids:

-I like the ladys accent from Tuck Shop

-I was too busy listening to her accent than actually listening to her meat pie facts

-Meat pies are street food in austrailia

-school kids bring meat pies to school

-they like it with ketchup

-i guess i listened more than i thought.


We each got a mini meat pie. It was minced meat and cheese. DSC01911

….all wrapped up in a buttery flaky crust.

The tuck shop has veggie pies as well as chicken pies. YUM

Our next stop was a short walk away on 14th street.

The Crooked Knife.


At the Crooked Knife we were greeted by the chef who told us a little bit about the establishment and what was on the menu.

Random factoids:

-I wasnt paying attention to this part

– 🙂


We were greeted with some cucumber and tomato gazpacho shooters.


Ah-mazing. More please?


The chef then sent out some hummus with Olive tapenade. Delicious… but they didnt give us a whole lot of pita… so i ended up eating hummus by the spoon.

shamelessly too i might add.


We then got some steamed mussels in a white wine sauce that was light and flavorful and demanding to be guzzled out of the bowl…

i actually saw several people drink the mussel broth.

Not me.

Im a lady (sometimes)….and cuz someone beat me to it. image We also got some Frites with an aioli sauce. I might have wanted to eat the aioli by the spoon.

The frites were perfectly crisp.


My very modest plate.

(not pictured: My not so modest 2nd plate)

When we wrapped up, we headed right across the street to Honey for some snackage and a belly dancing lesson.


Random Factoids:

-great for happy houring (not to be confused with WHORING- thanyouverymuch)

-salsa dancing!

-Belly dancing!



Honey had a nice row of seats for us as well as these platters.

If i can be honest- while it was tasty, i thought honey could have been a little more generous. I managed to have literally one bite of everything before it was all gone. I wasnt looking for a meal but i certainly wasnt looking to hoarding bites of quesadilla.

The quesadillas were decent. The wings were okay. The carrot sticks were of the bagged variety…. and the dip was ok. Some food snobs in the group turned their nose up…. understandable but i wasnt there to hurt anyones feelings… I enjoyed the company!


I also got fooled by the “special” $7 margaritas. I got a 4 oz glass of fruitty tequila. Lesson learned: if they have to SELL it, you probably would never want it.

DSC01937 DSC01940

The greatest part of the evening was the amazing belly dance. This woman had skill! she did things with her stomach that i never knew possible… if i ate enough broccoli i might be able to accomplish 1/12 of what she did. she was amazing.


They then brought out the fondue…


I got a marshmallow!!

Marshmallows and melted chocolate: Never wrong! Never!


(Photo Source)

When i was done, i hugged and kissed all my new friends (as well as old friends) and hit the pavement.

Overall, Considering this was New Yorks First DishCrawl- it was really great! There were great people. Great conversations. And mostly good food (lol). It totally inspired me to setup my own crawl thats coming up sometime in August.

Get your lactaid ready kids, Mo Diva is planning and Ice Cream Crawl (if any New Yorkers are interested in attending please send me an email to moniquer83 [at]gmail[dot]com with the subject: Ice Cream Crawl)

If you could create a crawl of any kind, what would it be and what would your inspiration be?