When I made the discovery of doyers street several weeks ago, I had also discovered several hidden Chinatown gems. You all know how much love dim sum at nom wah but did you know how much I love noodles?
In case you didn’t know, let me tell you now. I love me some freaking noodles. Rice noodles. Egg noodles. Yam noodles. Thai noodles. Viet noodles. Love. Love. Love.
(i think u get it now)
Well, when I walked on to doyers street for the first time, in the corner of my eye I spotted Tasty Hand Pulled Noodles. The very spot that several reputable food blows have deemed some legit noodles lovin.
Now, you’d think in this extremely warm weather, that I would steer clear of hot dishes, especially soup. But I’m crazy sometimes. And sometimes I want something so badly I don’t even think about the consequences.
For my first time there I glanced over the menu. I wanted roast duck (badly) and had just had a disappointing episode with some dumplings; I was seriously needing to make it right somehow.
Roast duck pan fried noodles.

In my heart, this is what Lo Mein should be when I order take out. Chunks of succulent duck meat laid atop a bed of hand pulled noodles that were not oily but very flavorful. The order of noodles, so plentiful, was a mere $7.95 and it fed me and a pregnant lady.
My experience was so great that on an even hotter day, I gathered 3 ladies from the office and took a walk to the hidden street where we were brought down stairs to a cool seating area and proceeded to order hot noodle soup.
Now I know how crazy that sounds! Hot soup? Heat wave? You’re nuts!
You’re right. I am. But when I tell you how much we all enjoyed our soup, I mean we really did! I got the roast duck noodles soup. There was an ample amount of duck meat in the soup and a heap of hand pulled noodles. The broth was light. It was soothing. It was tasty. It was going on our list for winter time eats.
We sipped and slurped our soups and must have drank 4 pitchers of water. We were sweating (slightly) and on the verge of the itis. We walked back up to the main dining room and paid. $6 for a giant bowl of delicious soup.
I can’t wait to go back! (when we need jackets of course!)

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