Dear Readers,
For the past few weeks there has been MALWARE being hosted on my blog. To those that emailed me, thank you (and Im sorry it took so long to figure out)! I think I finally got to the source of the poopie Malware and should be okay from here on out… but if you attempt to read this and still get that stupid Malware message, please email me ASAP. (
I just want you to know that I had no idea it was going on for so long and I am so incredibly sorry if it put any of your computers at risk. My only wish when you read this blog is to make you hungry… never angry. So now I have implemented a comment moderation. I hope that this will allow me to better filter what gets posted on here for the safety of our computers.
I hope to hear from you guys soon (with good news!) and look forward to more foodie opportunities to keep you salivating.
Love, Peace and Bacon Grease.

Side Note:
Dear *******
Thanks for the Malware. I hope you get diarrhea while wearing khaki pants at a party and end up in a bathroom with no toilet paper.
Love Always,