Back when I went to my brothers wedding, I got seated with an old childhood friend and his partner. It was such an honor to be at my brother (really, my best friend)’s wedding and even more to catch up with an old friend that he invited me informally to his wedding.

It was dated for Saturday, July 30 and when NY passed the same sex marriage law, we were all stoked for Brian and his future husband, John. This is a beautiful time in my life. I love LOVE and I love when two people find each other and want to spend their lives together.

There is some ugly in the world and there are people that don’t agree with gay marriage.. and if that’s you I respect your position and kindly ask that you not continue reading today’s post. There is only room for positivity and this space, my blog, is a judgment free zone.  I still love you but I love these guys just the same.

I took my invitation to this wedding seriously. I took my mother shopping with and we chose two dresses. An elegant black dress and a fun, bright little number that I would never wear without a  good reason. I took a poll and the majority voted that I wear the bright little number.

“Its a gay wedding, Mo. You HAVE to wear that dress”

Even my date, the Suit, who at first suggested the black dress later said the bright dress was more appropriate for the season…

So i got the shoes, accessories and make up to match.

And then i got to the wedding and realized…

it was a jewish gay wedding. a Double first!

But the black dress might have been more appropriate.



The venue was on Lake Ronkonkoma on a beautiful summer evening. The grooms came out to my favorite song: “God Blessed the Broken Road” and i couldnt help but get choked up as they walked down the aisle.


Brian, my childhood friend, getting choked up walking down the aisle.


The sun beat down on us as i learned of all the jewish traditions at a wedding. The ceremony was very heartfelt as the grooms recited their own vows but the location was on a road being frequented by motorists… even some who drove by screaming “dont do it”… but they pressed on as we giggled.


My best and his wife! When the ceremony was over, we walked over to the cocktail hour… where i got a mini spring roll. The cocktail area was cramped… and there were 300 guests in attendance. Everywhere you went, you were in someones way. And whenever the staff came out with fresh h’ordourves, they were attacked by ravenous guests… so i drank wine.


My bestie and I formulated a plan to stalk the reception hall to snag our seats together at the table. If the rest of the night looked anything like the cocktail party, we were going to have to bogart!


We were seated as the sun was setting on the lake. It was breathtaking!

DSC02027  Speaking of breathtaking, peep that waldorf salad! That was right before I inhaled it. Who needs cocktail hour, first course was waiting for me… and it was yummy. DSC02030

Here I am with my date, “The Suit”.  DSC02033

Bestie, AKA Peej, and his Wife. 🙂 DSC02044

It wasnt long before the grooms made their big entrance! They came in on scooters with cowboy hats. It was the cutest thing.  DSC02051

And then they danced to my favorite song again! “God Blessed the broken road”. So Sweet. They put on another slow number, “At Last” by Etta James and invited all the couples to dance. The Suit, ever the gentleman asked me to dance.

i obliged, naturally. How often do boys ask girls to slow dance these days?



I took some pics of the center pieces which were hand made by Brian. DSC02058

They also had a very fun and adorable cake! DSC02061

The Suit and I got to take a pic with these two, who were like celebs! John on the left, Brian on the right. My crazy bright dress, far right.  DSC02062

Me and besties wife were the only ladies dressed for a gay wedding… everyone else wore black. lol. At least people would remember us!


How cute are they?DSC02070

John and Brian’s engagement photos… and the money box. :-)  DSC02072

Around 10:30pm (yes, that late) our table was last to be called for dinner. So we filled up our plates with any and everything. I dont even remember eating half of these things, i was just glad to be eating!  DSC02074

They even had chinese takeout!DSC02077

There was some serious dancing after dinner but having just ate, all that running and jumping would have turned out badly! so i took pics.  DSC02082

The thing with the chairs! DSC02084

It was awesome to see and I was glad the ceilings were nice and high… i have seen way too many Americas Funniest Home Videos, where these things go wrong.  DSC02089

The cake cutting ceremony was going on and everyone was crowding the grooms. I couldnt get a picture so i decided to take one with the perfect gentleman of the evening. The Suit. (he loves that nickname, i tell ya)

Instead of a bouquet toss or garter toss, the grooms had T-Shirt Tosses! I told the Suit to get me a T Shirt… wouldnt you know he came back with one? The T-shirt on the front said “Brian and John put a ring on it” on the back “Do you Believe in Love at First Sight, or should I walk by again?”DSC02091

We were served some sandcastle cake and my feet decided the night was over… we went home shortly after.

I had a great time although, it being my first gay, jewish, and large wedding, I came in thinking it would be different. It gave me a lot of insight in the kind of wedding I would have, if i ever get married. I def think i am an intimate small wedding or eloping kind of girl.

But I do know that next wedding I get invited to, im gonna do more research on what everyone should wear…and keep the bright orange dress for a bachelorette party.