My mom, AKA Momma Snob, is the funniest lady I know. In my mind, she personifies the “shopper addicted to bargains”. Last year, when I discovered, I shared it with mom because whether she likes to admit it or not, shes a foodie. She might not be as adventurous as I am but her idea of living dangerously is visiting a restaurant that I have not yet approved.

All I had to do was introduce her to and pretty much every thing that sounded remotely appealing- she purchased. I remember her suggestion when i was sitting in her living room and wanting to go out to dinner. “Lets just pick a Groupon and go”. When i logged in to her account to see her offers, mom had racked up at least 30 groupons… and some of them nearing their expiration date. Of the offerings I found 3 that were expiring in the next few days… and of course she had no idea what they were or what kind of food they served… so she told me to pick two. One to enjoy with her and the other to take The Dude out (look at how she thinks of him- oh Mom)

Not wanting to waste a perfectly good Groupon, the Dude and i set a date and just like that- we were goin brunchin’.

I love Brunch. Our deal was for $30 worth of food at Sheep Station in Park Slope.


Travelling from Queens to Brooklyn was quite a feat but with the use of the LIRR, i was able to cut my travel time significantly!

The Dude met up with me at the train station and we walked to Sheep Station. There was some fans going on in the open and airy spot, but we opted to sit outside. It was nice enough outside.


They brought over some water which came straight from the tap. I didnt mind at all except, i wish it was cold. I seem to be experiencing a lot of restaurants serving luke warm water. Next time, i will ask for ice.


But I DID ask for an iced coffee. Definitely what this girl needed to start brunch right!


The Dude kept it brunchy and ordered a mimosa.


After perusing the menu for a bit, our eyes found the Poutine… Fries with gravy and cheese curds. It sounded dreamy so we opted to order that as a starter. The fries were nice and crisp. The cheese curds were heavenly but I wasnt in love with the gravy. Might have been the coffee on my tongue but the gravy just tasted off to me… or maybe im used to eating cheap gravy LOL. The Dude, who has a deep fondness for gravy, ate it up and loved it.


For his entree, the Dude ordered the eggs benedict. Two poached eggs on top of a thick slice of ham sitting on top of a thick slice of english muffin with homemade hollandaise poured on top. There was an oniony, tart next to it as well as an arugula salad.

We agreed from the start to split our entrees in half and share. I enjoyed the eggs benedict but its never really been a favorite of mine. The ham was def tasty.


…cuz I was in the moood for meat! I ordered the avocado BLT with an arugula salad. The BLT was amazing. It was exactly what I was craving and I was sad to see half of it go… and funny enough the Dude didnt LOVE the BLT either… Not that we let each other down- we were just in the mood for different things (honestly, who doesnt LOVE bacon???)

While we finished up, I thought it might be a good idea to get somethign boozy. I mean, how can you have brunch without booze??


So, i ordered a bloody ceasar. A spiked tomato juice with some clamato and tobasco sauce… I usually like these but I was already full… and i dont think it mixed well with coffee. I drank about half of this and moved on.

I really liked sheep station and definitely would return. The staff were very easy going and never once made me feel rushed… or ignored. Its always nice when a restaurant lets you ENJOY your meal without someone hovering over you asking you if everything was okay every 5 minutes.

Its a great casual place and if you are in the area, definitely stop in and have a BLT!