So, what happens when you are invited to a potluck and you are chosen to bring the wine? Do you go in to the liquor shop (or in my case, Trader Joes Wine Shop) and say to the sales clerk “HELP!” and buy what they thrust in your hands? Or do you scour the aisles and read labels with descriptions like “smoky” and “aromatic” and have no idea why it sounds like there’s  bacon in the wine?

It happens to me all the time.

Wine is definitely trendy as it makes a fantastic gift as well as an every day accompaniment to your dinner. But a lot of people, and I include myself in this category, are not what you would call wine connoisseurs so we often just grab that expensive bottle of Grey Goose, cry a little as we swipe our credit card on that $75 bottle of vodka and bring it to our potluck.

Things are about to get a little better. No, a lot better. These days, a good wine doesn’t have to   cost $$$$, i mean, it can but typically for less than $15 you can score yourself a tasty bottle of wine. But the problem? What to eat it with. That’s where Entwine comes in. Winemaker Karl Wente partnered up with Food Network to create Entwine. DSC02132

Or as I like to call it: Wine for Dummies.

And please don’t mistake it. I mean no offense by it but this wine, which hits grocery stores (shopping list: Milk, eggs, wine, bread) soon, will make GOOD wine, that’s affordable and easy to pair with every day cooking available for your everyday (heck yes) consumption.

I was invited by my new drinking partner, Laurie, to the launch party of Entwine that was hosted by Food Network with Chef Anne Burrell and the winemaker himself. image   I received this invitation on the shittiest of days and was completely stoked after reading it. The moment I accepted I thought of another fabulous lady that would do wonders at an event like this (and by wonders i mean drink crazy amounts of wine and still be able to stand). That lady, is Ms. Sarah Shaker. Sarah is one of my favorite bloggers. We eat . We Drink. And we Dish. Love her!

She accepted too and off we were to The Kitchen NYC in Midtown East side of Manhattan.

The moment we arrived we were handed our very own wine glasses.


This was a very nice touch!

To those that are hosting events at home, invest in a wax pencil (or a redacting pencil/china marker) and mark everyone’s glasses! At the end of the night, a textured sponge and boom- clean!

DSC02093 DSC02094

Sarah and I really dug the stemware.  And we really dug the Pinot Grigio that they poured the instant we arrived. Glug. Glug.


Now, this is a very serious issue for me… when I see celebrities I am most certain to make an ass out of myself. Living in NYC there are celebs everywhere. Like that one time one of my favorite actresses was serving on the Grand Jury and I stalked the ladies room to bump into her for an entire month… i was successful on a day where I had an encounter with too much lactose.

So, knowing and loving Chef Anne Burrell and being in the same room with her… well, I was seriously thinking i was going to make and ass out of myself… but i saw her! And I didn’t even want to vomit!


Or Good wine. (guessing it was the wine)


Bag lady. Drinking wine. Note to self: put the Freakin bags down!


Sarah and her wine! DSC02101

Oh! and there were food pairings! I adore wine and food pairings. The above is a kimchi grilled cheese that went with the pinot grigio. A refreshing and crisp glass of wine that is described as a green apple dipped in lime juice and drizzled with honey.

The grilled cheese though? Big time favorite for me and Sarah. The best crunch on the bread along with the tanginess of the cheese and  slight spiciness of the kimchi made for a crave worthy snack… one that we might have went back to several times.


Lamb! and arugula! and goat cheese!

(now, just so you know, i might be a food snob, but i was not paying attention to the names of these dishes. All i can tell you is These were amazing)


Beautiful scallops with citrus elements on top of arugula. The Dude would be proud as I do NOT combine citrus and savory… but this worked really well together.

DSC02104 DSC02105 

More shots of its gorgeousness.  DSC02108

Something with ricotta. Oh baby!

DSC02109   Curried chicken with almonds. So good! DSC02112

And the food network crew!


Chef Anne got up to talk about the wine. Honestly, I was staring at shoes mostly. They were so pretty.


After her speech, I found my balls got brave and struck up a conversation with her. The easiest thing ever was to say hello… followed by “I love your shoes”. What a great ice breaker! Chef Anne dove right in and before you know it was us girls gabbin’ about shoes… till someone came to say “nice dress”.

In my mind Chef Anne was totally gonna ask me to be on her show…or say something like “OMG i Love your Blog!” But talking about shoes was pretty damn amazing. I’ll take it.


Something delicious with carrots… my cleavage thought it was delicious too! (Please also see: how to scoop carrots from your cleavage without anyone noticing)


Ms. Sarah loving on some lamb. This is candid. And awesome.


And her reaction? Genuine. Love it.


Something else that was really delicious? The Mediterranean sliders! It is my mission to recreate these for sarah…I think i’ve got a pretty solid lead thus far.


Not so candid, candid shot of us having a toast. Gotta love press photos. Sarah looks great… i look… um… i am…really funny. 🙂


“Why yes, ma’am, i WILL have some more! Thank you kindly!”


Skewered lamb with chunky tomato sauce.


Tasty. But damn those meaty sticks were delicious.


See? Delicious!


Me and Sarah


Look! The label!  Genius!


  Member of the clean plate club… as well as the president! DSC02130

Gotta love Food Network Chefs! Chef Rob was awesome and overseeing the entire line up of food. t’was amazing. 


Do we like Entwine?

Yes. Yes we do!


And you can’t forget about the SWAG! Thanks so much Food Network and All the lovely ladies at MMC who put this together! It was a great event and I had an amazing time!

So, get yourself a bottle of Entwine as soon as it hits your grocery stores!


Wine: Not Just For Snobs Anymore!